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385Re: [ruby-india] help me out

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  • Sriram Narayanan
    Dec 19, 2006
      On 12/19/06, kalpeshpatel12ka4 <kalpeshpatel12ka4@...> wrote:
      > i am learning programming in the ruby and i need support of group for
      > enhancing my knowledge
      > i have problem
      > 1. how to upload photo using ruby script
      > 2. how to store that uploaded photo in mysql database
      > i am using os XP plz
      Assuming you are writing a web application, you need to look at Ruby On Rails.

      When you upload an image, you're uploading a file. Check out the Rails
      documentation on how to achieve this.

      Once the file is transferred from the browser to the server, the
      server needs to read the file contents in a binary form, and then
      store this binary data in some database column.

      > help me out how does i do i am using database binding technique
      > is somthing call object rendering and mapping

      Investigate ActiveRecord's support for binary content.

      > plz help me out sirs
      -- Sriram
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