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375Ruby Community plans for FOSS.IN/2006

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  • Dibya prakash
    Oct 20, 2006
      Hi All,

      FOSS.IN/2006 (http://foss.in) is around the corner and
      I have no doubt this year also the conference will

      I was discussing with some of the co-members about
      what we can do in FOSS.IN for Ruby in particular.Some
      of the things we thought are:

      a.BOF sessions - Since this year the organizing
      committee has changed the selection format,I think
      there will be a very few slots for each of the
      technologies.So we can cover a majority of the
      subjects by organizing different BOF sessions.

      Some the topics that I can think of are:

      a.A small Ruby Tutorial
      b.Do's and Dont's in Ruby
      c.Coding Standard in Ruby
      d.Ruby Libraries - Basic and advanced
      e.Ruby 1.9
      f.Why Ruby on Rails and not Why not J2EE

      And there can be several.If someone can take the lead
      on Nitro/Og or Camping,it will be great.

      b.Ruby Coding Camp - We can have some small hackathon
      kinda stuff.

      c.Showcasing Ruby Projects - There are many developers
      who contribute to various Ruby/Rails projects;this is
      a good time to showcase these projects to the Open
      Source Community.We can have some kind of stall or any
      small dispaly area,where this can be arranged.

      These are some of my suggestions.This cannot be done
      alone and the community support will be needed.Feel
      free to add/delete/modify the list.

      I am copying this email to Ruby-India and PuneRuby
      group.The members of the other groups in India can
      copy the same and put it their groups ML.

      If you find the suggestion interesting,then I would
      suggest we discuss it in the Ruby-India group as that
      is the centralized group.However,members can discuss
      among their local groups and bring the gist to the
      Ruby-India and we can take it from there.

      Wish you will a very happy diwali.

      Dibya Prakash
      Personal Weblog:http://dibya.wordpress.com

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