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7th ATLAS Africa Conference 2011

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  • Leontine Onderwater
    Appologies for cross posting! 7th ATLAS Africa Conference 2011 Atlas-africa-logo.gif logo_draft2.jpg Sustainable tourism and environmental education: A natural
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      Appologies for cross posting!

      7th ATLAS Africa Conference 2011



      Sustainable tourism and environmental education:
      A natural link

      Kampala, Uganda, 6th- 8th June 2010

      Please be informed that the deadline for submitting abstracts has been extended to the 1st of February 2011!



      ATLAS Africa, Makerere University, Kent State University, University of North Texas, Uganda Wildlife Authority, Nature Uganda, Nature Palace Foundation and Uganda Tourist Board invite you to the 7th ATLAS Africa conference in Kampala, Uganda 6th - 8th June 2011.

      Nature degradation resulting from rapid population expansion and unsustainable livelihood strategies is alarming in developing countries. The need to protect what is left has attracted both local and international attention. Tourism has been advanced by conservation and development organizations, governments and the tourism industry as an approach through which conservation, development and livelihood issues can be addressed. Tourism is seen to come with new opportunities and benefits like: direct revenues, local area investments, jobs, extra incomes (e.g. by selling handcrafts, agricultural produce etc), and infrastructural development that can contribute to addressing livelihood problems hindering nature conservation.

      Tourism from 1980s up to date is the fastest growing industry according to UNWTO, WTTC, and regional organizations'' statistics. The WSSD Rio summit, 1992 (Earth summit) and the subsequent WSSD Johannesburg summit in 2002 (Rio +10) focused on tourism among others as a strategy to achieve sustainable development. Agenda 21 on travel and tourism industry and later Sustainable Tourism- Eliminating Poverty (ST-EP) programme were formulated because of the dual role tourism often plays in nature conservation and in achieving global environmental awareness and education.

      As a result of these initiatives, new forms of tourism emerged generically referred to as alternative tourism. Different forms of alternative tourism (responsible tourism, ecotourism, green tourism, ethic tourism, community based tourism and sustainable tourism) have grown in popularity. All emphasize environmental ethics and the role of environmental education in tourism management. Yet, the link between tourism, nature conservation and environmental education at the conceptual and / or theoretical level has remained blurred. Meanwhile, the practical use of tourism to achieve development, fight poverty and conserve nature has grown in importance. This explains the emphasis given to tourism in establishing protected areas world over. Although not always stressed in tourism management, environmental education through visitor interpretation, wildlife education centers, and community conservation programmes has become an important natural resource management tool. Generally, however, the lack of a theoretical or conceptual framework to link tourism, nature conservation and environmental education has made it difficult to develop sound policy and management procedures. No policy model apparently exists to combine the three. This is one of the concerns of this conference.

      Submission of abstract

      Abstracts (approximately 200-350 words) indicating background, practical implications and applications, methods and or data sources and indicative findings of the paper is excepted to be submitted for vetting and verification by scientific committee.

      Abstracts should be submitted to ATLAS by using the abstract submission form on the ATLAS Africa conference website before December 30th 2010.








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      Jantien Veldman

      Linda Gramser



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      ATLAS Africa conference 2011
      Sustainable tourism and environmental education: A natural link
      Kampala, Uganda
      June 6-8, 2011



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