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CFP AAG Seattle 2011 - Mobilities in Everyday Life

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  • Alan A. Lew
    *CFP - AAG Seattle 2011 Paper Session * *Mobilities in Everyday Life* In the early 21st century, spatialities of social life often presuppose the actual or
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      CFP - AAG Seattle 2011 Paper Session

      Mobilities in Everyday Life

      In the early 21st century, spatialities of social life often presuppose the actual or imagined movement of people, images, information, goods, and capital. But these mobilities and their social effects are under-examined due to prevailing a-mobile ontologies and epistemologies. A mobility turn has recently taken root in the social sciences, which delineates new concepts, approaches, and methodologies that explore the character and operations of mobilities in everyday life.

      In this session we aim to bring this new mobilities paradigm to bear on geographical analyses of the experiences, practices, and cultural significance of mobility. Recent technological, social, and cultural developments engender new conditions of movement, accessibility, and connectivity. These conditions expose many people around the world to faster and more frequent movement, while others find their spatial reach diminished. Mobility is a spatially and socially uneven combination of affordances and effectivities.

      We invite papers that highlight issues of (im)mobility that are central to contemporary social life by addressing one of the following or related questions: How does the movement of people, images, information, goods, and capital constitute new patterns of social life and new social networks?

      1. How are people?s biographies and mobilities relationally constituted?
      2. What are the subsequent outcomes for social life?
      3. What impact does (im)mobility have for different people and places across the globe?
      4. Who lives in the fast and slow lanes of social life and why?
      5. How are people interacting in new ways as they are increasingly (im)mobile?
      6. What new social networks result? How are they spatially distributed?
      7. What new methodologies are being developed to study (im)mobilities?

      If you are interested in participating, please submit an abstract of 200 words or less to David Butz at dbutz@...


      Sponsored by the Recreation, Tourism and Sport Specialty Group

      For all of the AAG RTS Sponsored Session, please visit: http://www.geog.nau.edu/rts/sessions/2011.html


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