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  • Alan A. Lew
    Hi All - As most of you know, *Tourism Geographies* has become a leading journal for geographically oriented research on tourism and broadly related themes.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2010
      Hi All - 

      As most of you know, Tourism Geographies has become a leading journal for geographically oriented research on tourism and broadly related themes.  It is one of only about 10 tourism journals (depending on how you define "tourism") currently listed in Thomson Reuters Social Science Citation Index.

      Several significant changes will take place in the coming year that will make Tourism Geographies an even more useful and accessible resource for our community.  Among these are:

      - Accepted articles will be available online soon after their acceptance. This will make them searchable by online academic search engines, well before they come out in hard copy. 

      - Supplemental material may accompany the online versions of articles.  Authors will be able to include additional photos, tables and figures, as well as slide presentation, audio files, video files, and database files to accompany the online versions of their articles.

      - Discussion Forum commentaries and Literature/Book Reviews will be accessible for free to anyone through the journal's Tourism Place blog.  I should have this up soon and will announce updates on the RTS and IGUST email lists, as well as on the journal's Facebook and Twitter pages, as they become available.

      I have just updated the journal's Notes for Contributors to reflect these and some more minor changes.  Most of which will become more noticeable as we get closer to 2011.  If you are considering submitting an article, commentary, or book review, please review the updates here:

      And if you are on Facebook or Twitter, consider following Tourism Geographies by clicking on the links at http://TGJournal.com


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