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Announcement of 3 PhD studentships

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  • Ioannides Dimitri
    Dear all, Greetings and happy new year to you!!! I would like to draw your attention to the fact that we now have a PhD in Tourism studies at Mid-Sweden
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2010
      Dear all,
      Greetings  and happy new year to you!!!
      I would like to draw your attention to the fact that we now have a PhD in Tourism studies at Mid-Sweden University. An ad for three positions in the program was recently posted on our website. http://www.miun.se/Mittuniversitetet/Nyheter/Lediga-jobb/SHV3Phdtourism/.
      Also, please check out our official website at http://www.miun.se/ETOUR/Funktioner/In-English/
      If you know of persons who are interested in pursuing a PhD in any of these three areas please draw this announcement to their attention. Please note that the deadline for applying is coming up (January 22).
      Thanks very much.
      Dimitri Ioannides
      3 PhD candidate positions in Tourism Studies
      Mid-Sweden University is a multi-campus university, based in Härnosand, Sundsvall, Örnsköldsvik and Östersund.  It has approx. 17 000 students and more than 900 employees, 180 PhD students and 66 professors.  At the undergraduate level, 50 study programmes and 750 courses are offered. Research is profiled into two thematic areas: Industry and Growth, and Quality of Life and Welfare. Read more about the Mid-Sweden University at www.miun.se.
      Mid-Sweden University is seeking applicants for
      3 PhD candidate positions in Tourism Studies
      The positions will be based at the Tourism Section and
      the tourism research institute ETOUR in the Department of Social Science, Östersund
      Tourism Studies (focus on events), ref.nr MIUN 2009/2050
      Tourism Studies (focus on nature tourism), ref.nr MIUN 2009/2051
      Tourism Studies, ref.nr MIUN 2009/2052
      Tourism Studies is a multi-disciplinary discipline that focuses especially on issues relating to tourism related resources (natural, cultural, human and socio-technical), consumer behavior (consumption, mobility and experiences), and tourism management (of firms and destinations). 
      The Tourism unit is located within the Department of Social Sciences at Campus Östersund.  Here, education is provided both within the Tourism Management Programme (Bachelor) and the Master of Tourism. Research is carried out by scholars in the tourism research institute ETOUR, which is part of the Tourism unit. This is where the first PhD Programme in Tourism Studies in the Nordic countries is now starting. The three PhD positions marks the start of this programme and will contribute to further develop Tourism Studies at ETOUR and Mid-Sweden University. Included among the research and education staff at present there are three professors, six senior lecturers plus additional teaching staff and research assistants.
      Tourism Studies (focus on events), Ref.nr MIUN 2009/2050: Within our education- and research environment there exist today several projects focusing on different aspects of event innovation. We are now looking for a PhD-student who can deepen the knowledge on how to fill in the gaps between the demand side’s needs/experiences and the supply side’s needs/organization. Previous experience in event studies would be of particular merit.
      Tourism Studies (focus on nature tourism), Ref.nr MIUN 2009/2051: The natural environment is often seen as providing an unrealized potential for tourism in the Nordic countries, but limited knowledge exists as to what circumstances are necessary for this potential to be reached. Nature related tourism in not a coherent industry, but rather a diverse collection of privately and publicly provided services. The aim of the project is to analyze the current supply of nature tourism in Sweden and critically examine characteristics of the nature tourism product related to public good traits of natural resources and commercialization of nature.
      Tourism Studies, Ref.nr 2009/2052: The focus of this position is open and will be subject to agreement between the candidate and the committee of advisors. The successful candidate will be chosen following a selective process based upon his or her proposed research ideas. A one page proposal (A4), should be submitted with the application  related to Tourism Studies including one or several of the above mentioned topics (i.e. tourism related resources, consumer behavior and tourism management).
      Qualification requirements: General admission is normally restricted to those candidates who have passed an examination at advanced level, completed coursework amounting to at least 240 ECTS, including 60 ECTS at the second (Master) level, or in other arrangements within or outside the country has acquired essentially corresponding knowledge. Those candidates who are applying from outside Sweden or the EU must demonstrate that they have acquired the knowledge corresponding to these requirements. In order to meet specific eligibility requirements for admission to postgraduate studies in tourism studies it is necessary that candidates have at least 90 ECTS in any of the following subjects including: tourism studies; human or economic geography; business administration; or in another manner demonstrate that they have acquired equivalent knowledge.

      Residency: Campus Östersund, Sweden
      Salary and conditions: According to Mid-Sweden University local agreement for PhD canditate wages. Positions are for four years. Teaching and other tasks (maximum 20%) can extend the period to five years.
      Date of commencement of duties to be agreed on between the parties
      Further information: Professor Peter Fredman +46 63 19 58 04, Head of the Department of Social Sciences, Associate Professor Susanna Öhman +46 63 16 54 85.
      Union representatives: Anders Nyström, SACO, phone +46 611 862 45 and Lollo Ljuslin, ST/TCO phone + 46 63 16 57 14.
      Application: Applications should be marked with the reference no. (as indicated above), verified merit statement(s), and copies of grades and exams, and other documentation the applicant may want to invoke. Deadline for application is January 22, 2010. Application should be sent to, and sent in four identical sets to: Mid-Sweden University, Registrator, 85170 Sundsvall, Sweden.
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