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Invitation to offer Electives for MBA of Goa University, Goa, India in 2010-11

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  • Sreekumar Ancheri
    Dear colleagues from the industry and academic fraternity,     We are inviting proposals for electives to be offered for the 2nd year MBA students of our
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2009

      Dear colleagues from the industry and academic fraternity,

      We are inviting proposals for electives to be offered for the 2nd year MBA students of our Faculty for the year 2010-11. An elective course could range in number of contact hours from 10 to a maximum of 40 in multiples of 5. For example, a 20 hour course would be a 2 Credit elective. We follow a trimester system and electives are offered only in July-September and October-December 2010 trimesters.
      We invite electives in all areas such as Marketing, Finance, HR, Systems, Soft Skills, Strategy
      (including industry specific courses), International Management, etc.
      We look forward to courses by executives from industry exclusively based on their past and preferably recent experience. In nutshell, your own work becomes a course.


      We also look forward to academics from abroad who would like to spend their sabbaticals with us offering a course.
      An elective is offered if there are at least 10 registrations. The students opt for an elective based on a broad Outline of the Course (a sample format for use is given below) and the resume of the instructor. A detailed session by session outline is prepared only after ensuring minimum registrations. We meet economy class airfare (within India ), all incidentals, hospitality including stay and boarding and an honorarium per hour.
      We would be happy to obtain broad Outlines of Courses (in the sample format attached) and resume from executives and academics who would like to collaborate with us in this.

      Kindly upload them to




      by clicking on ‘Add anew discussion topic’ and preferably before 9 January 2010.


      You may have to register to use the link above. Alternately email them to me.


      Sample Course Outline (Broad)


      Business Statistic 3 Credits Minimum 30 Contact Hours.


      Objective:         At the end of the subject, the student will have the ability to identify business research situations requiring statistical analysis, will be able to design and solve using computers such statistical analysis problems and also use the results for arriving at conclusions and making decisions.

      Content:            Descriptive statistics, estimation, testing of hypotheses, chi-square test, analysis of variance, multiple regression and time series analysis.


      Pedagogy:        Cases, problems, computer based exercises, projects, etc.


      Minimum Required Reading :



      1.       Anderson, David R., Dennis J. Sweeney and Thomas A. Williams; “Statistics for Business and Economics”; Thomson Learning; Latest Edition





      Wishing you a Very Happy New Year and


      With Warm Regards,


      A. Sreekumar.
                 Fellow of IIM Ahmedabad


      Professor, Faculty of Management Studies,

      Goa University, Goa 403206 India


      Mobile 093702 83846 Email: sreeancheri@...


      Academic Advisor, DC School of Management,

      Kerala 685503 India

      Mobile 91-98465 99995
      Email: sreeancheri@...

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