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CFP: Researching Coastal & Resort Destination Management

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  • Carl, Daniela
    ***Apologies for cross posting*** Call for Papers International Conference Researching Coastal and Resort Destination Management: Cultures and Histories of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2009
      Dear list-members,

      ***Apologies for cross posting***



      Call for Papers


      International Conference


      Researching Coastal and Resort Destination Management: Cultures and Histories of Tourism


      Girona, Catalunya:      19th – 20th October 2009



      Jointly organised by:


      Departament d'Organització d'Empreses, Facultat de Turisme, Universitat de Girona, Catalunya


      Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change

      Leeds Metropolitan University



      Oficina de Turisme, Roses, Catalunya



      European Union of Tourist Officers




      Conference Rationale


      2009 marks the hundredth anniversary of the formal designation of the Costa Brava, a title and destination region that has become synonomous with the emergence and growth of ‘mass’ tourism over the past century. Tourism to this coastal region of Catalunya has boomed during this period and has transformed the nature and fortunes of communities and towns that have become established as tourist destinations serving both international and domestic visitor markets. However, the region today faces many challenges including maintaining tourist markets against competing destinations alongside environmental concerns. The recent rapid growth and decline of property markets and second home, expatriate communities is a further key concern for professional destination managers, policy makers and researchers alike.


      This conference is therefore extremely timely in its aim of bringing together researchers who share interests in coastal and resort destination policy, planning and management in relation to culture(s) and histories of tourism.

      These research areas are also clearly relevant to professionals and policy makers in destination management and the conference will provide a unique opportunity for researchers to share leading edge ideas, innovations and critical thinking with the professional destination manager participants at the European Union of Tourist Officers (EUTO) Study Visit to Catalunya which coincides with the conference. There will also be opportunities for delegates to participate in parts of the EUTO programme.


      Culture(s), histories and heritage, tangible and intangible are at the heart of the visitor experience of coastal destinations. At the level of policy making and planning, the importance of a resort’s unique and distinctive cultural attributes is commonly articulated and celebrated, at least rhetorically. The management of cultural and heritage assets for tourism is also a critical issue for destinations.


      Inter-disciplinary research at the interface of the complex linkages between these sectors and professional interests has much to contribute to terms of critical, reflective debate on key issues affecting the relationships between culture, history, heritage and tourism at the coastal destination level.  


      Research in destination policy, planning and management also explores the competitive opportunities and pressures associated with the emergence of new and diverse international tourist markets. Such research makes a critical contribution in the development of creative and sustainable strategies for the culture, heritage and tourism sectors in destinations.


      Conference Themes


      The conference welcomes proposals for papers that address the development of tourism in coastal regions and resorts and to Catalunya and the Costa Brava in particular. Proposals might, for example address:


      • Tourism and Catalan identity - tensions between the standard international offer and the marketing of the 'local' and regional or 'nation without a state'


      • Representing the Costa Brava: changing images over time, and the creation, marketing and modification of a 'brand'


      • Tourism and the Catalan language - problem or asset?


      • The labour force in Catalan tourism: Catalans and 'others'
      • Tourist markets to Catalunya and the (formal and informal) organisation of private and public space: e.g. hotels, beaches, squares


      • Issues surrounding second home ownership, property markets and ‘new’ resident communities in the Costa Brava


      The conference organisers also welcome proposals for papers that address theoretical and applied issues and themes relating to destination management in coastal contexts from Europe and beyond. Such themes include:


      • Creative uses of cultural, historical and heritage resources for tourism in coastal settings


      • Cultural events and festivals as animators of coastal resorts


      • Transnational approaches to and conceptions of destination policy and planning in coastal contexts


      • Community participation in coastal resort development


      • Building sustainable partnerships and stakeholder relationships between tourism, culture and heritage in coastal destinations


      • Competitive (dis)advantage, new tourist markets and coastal destinations


      • New and emerging technologies in coastal destination representation and marketing


      • Coastal destination image and branding


      If you wish to submit a paper proposal, please send a 300-word abstract with full address and institutional affiliation details as an electronic file to Dr. Philip Long p.e.long@...


      The deadline for the reception of abstracts is 31st of July 2009


      Please find regularly updated information regarding this conference, registration procedures and (at a later stage) a full programme at our website



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