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ATLAS annual conference 2009 - Extention deadline

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  • Leontine Onderwater
    appologies for cross posting! ATLAS annual conference 2009 ... Experiencing Difference Changing Tourism and Tourists Experiences Aalborg University, Denmark,
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      appologies for cross posting!

      ATLAS annual conference 2009


      Experiencing Difference
      Changing Tourism and Tourists' Experiences

      Aalborg University, Denmark, 27 - 29 May 2009

      Due to many requests we are happy to announce an extention of the deadline for submitting abstracts for the ATLAS annual conference to March 16th 2009.
      Please visit the conference website at www.atlas-euro.org

      Experiences have always been a central part of tourism - from the educational pursuits of the 17th century Grand Tours and up until extreme sport endeavours of the present day. What seems to have changed most significantly within recent years is, however, the efforts and ingenuity that tourism marketers put into creating experience possibilities that set their tourism destination, attraction, accommodation facility or other types of tourism services apart from competitors' and make their offers the favoured choice among tourists. And though the tourism experience is personal - a marriage between expectations, actual encounter and memories - the tourism marketer still has the possibility to heavily influence the experience in a given direction provided that market research has been central in forming the experience offer. A market-driven approach as described here, or outside-in approach in which the market determines the offers of the destination or attraction, may, however, be questioned, as it can be argued that tourism marketers should rather focus on developing experience possibilities that are closely tied to the identity and cultural heritage from which they originate. Hence an inside-out approach is also traceable in the experience literature which is tied up closely with the discussions on authenticity that repeatedly appears in a tourism context. Rather than seeing these two approaches as incompatible opposites, it may make more sense to seem them as the two ends on a continuum, which also suggests that various degrees of combinations of the two may be adopted both by scholars and practitioners.

      The theme of the 2009 annual ATLAS conference has been inspired by this recent surge of interest in tourism and experiences, and papers will reflect the many different roles of experiences in tourism.

      • From the perspective of tourists: To what extent are experiences new reasons to go? What role does the tourist see him/herself as having in the experience and how does past experiences influence tourist preferences and behaviour?
      • From the perspective of tourist enterprises: How are pressures for making products more experience-oriented handled by large, small and micro tourism enterprises? And what are the risks in relation to tourists who prefer things 'as they have always been'?
      • From the perspective of destination management organisations: How can experiences build bridges between fashion, architecture, design, sport, edutainment and social activities? And how are public tourism provider and private tourism enterprises engaged in new experience initiatives.
      • From the perspective of local inhabitants: How can 'experience places' be reconciled with the everyday lives of local inhabitants? And do new inventive experience offers conflict with local sense of cultural heritage and authenticity?
      • From the perspective of tourism and leisure studies: What are the consequences of different scientific approaches (e.g. economic, sociological) for the understanding of experiences? And, not least, after the dust of the debates has settled, what is new, useful and exciting compared to existing ways of conceptualising tourism?

      Abstracts should be submitted to ATLAS by using the abstract submission form at the ATLAS website no later than  March 1th 2009.

      For more information on the submission of abstracts and all the details on the conference, please visit the ATLAS website at www.atlas-euro.org.




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