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Geography and Tourism Marketing - Special Issue of JTTM

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  • Alan A. Lew
    Hi All - A special double issue of JTTM, edited by David Duval and me, came out last month. The TOC is below. The full abstract for each paper can be found
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      Hi All -

      A special double issue of JTTM, edited by David Duval and me, came out last month.  The TOC is below.  The full abstract for each paper can be found at: http://snipr.com/bbshw  (Haworth Press)


      Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing (ISSN: 1054-8408)
      Volume: 25 Issue: 3/4 (2008)


      Part 1 - Geographic Place Marketing

      Geography and Tourism Marketing: Topical and Disciplinary Perspectives
      Page Range: 229 - 232
      Alan A. Lew, David Timothy T. Duval

      Servicescapes, Designscapes, Branding, and The Creation of Place-Identity: South of Litchfield, Christchurch
      Page Range: 233 - 250
      C. Michael Hall

      Urban Ethnic Festivals, Neighborhoods, and the Multiple Realities of Marketing Place
      Page Range: 251 - 264
      Kelley A. McClinchey

      (In)Visibility of the Enslaved Within Online Plantation Tourism Marketing: a Textual Analysis of North Carolina Websites
      Page Range: 265 - 281
      Derek H. Alderman, E. Arnold Modlin

      Geographical Information and Landscape History in Tourism Communication in the Age of Web 2.0. The Case of the Salt River Bay National Park in St. Croix of the U.S. Virgin Islands
      Page Range: 282 - 298
      Niels C. Nielsen, Janne J. Liburd

      Marketing Places Through First-Person Stories—an Analysis of Pennsylvania Roadtripper Blog
      Page Range: 299 - 311
      Iis P. Tussyadiah, Daniel R. Fesenmaier

      Tourism and New Economic Geography: Issues and Challenges in Moving from Advocacy to Adoption
      Page Range: 312 - 324
      Tim Coles, Sotiroula Liasidou, Gareth Shaw

      Part 2 - Geographic Space Marketing

      Using a GIS in Market Analysis for a Tourism-Dependent Retailer in the Pocono Mountains
      Page Range: 325 - 340
      Fred L. Miller

      Using Geographic Information System to Visualize Travel Patterns and Market Research Data
      Page Range: 341 - 354
      Charles Chancellor, Shu Cole

      Travel Distance: a Tool for Nature-Based Tourism Market Segmentation
      Page Range: 355 - 366
      Gyan P. Nyaupane PhD, Alan R. Graefe PhD

      The Implicit Effect of Distance on Tourist Behavior: a Comparison of Short and Long Haul Pleasure Tourists to Hong Kong
      Page Range: 367 - 381
      Bob McKercher

      The Spatial Clustering Effect of Destination Distribution on Cognitive Distance Estimates and Its Impact on Tourists' Destination Choices
      Page Range: 382 - 397
      Chung-Hsien Lin, Duarte B. Morais

      Does Nationality, Gender, and Age Affect Travel Motivation? a Case of Visitors to The Caribbean Island of Barbados
      Page Range: 398 - 408
      Cristina Jonsson, Dwayne Devonish

      Long Tail Tourism: New Geographies For Marketing Niche Tourism Products
      Page Range: 409 - 419
      Alan A. Lew

      Alan A. Lew , Ph.D., AICP
      Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator
      Department of Geography, Planning and Recreation,
      Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona 86011-5016, USA
      * alan.lew {at} nau.edu
      * homepage: <http://AlanLew.com>
      * Tourism Geographies : An International Journal <http://TGJournal.com>
      * World Geography of Travel and Tourism <http://WorldGTT.com>
      * My Blogs and Podcasts <http://alanalew.com>
      * Twitter: <http://twitter.com/alew>
      * Sustainable & Alternative Tourism Conf., 11-13 July 2009, Guilin/Yangshuo, China
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