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  • Alan A. Lew
    ... From: Margot Crowell Date: Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 11:44 AM To: Alan A. Lew Dear Sir, Today I came across your
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      From: Margot Crowell <nostalgic@...>
      Date: Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 11:44 AM
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      Dear Sir,

      Today I came across your information on a website and am interested in any information you can provide. I am a board member for the Taum Sauk Fund Inc. We are a group of citizens who were chosen by Missouri Attorney General, Jay Nixon, to manage a fund designed to assist the tourism Industry and economic recovery of a region located in Missouri. The Ameren Reservoir breach of 2005 was devastating to a growing tourism industry in a region located within Iron and Reynolds counties. The region was given funding to restore and rebuild the tourism industry and bolster economic development. I am writing you today for information regarding restoration and future planning for the tourism industry and economic development in this region. We are interested in an overall plan for building a profitable and successful tourism industry and economy. We are also looking to employ an individual who excels in tourism and economic development, an individual who will be instrumental in the implementation of the final plan for the region. Our board and committee are very anxious to find someone willing to speak to us during our February 19th meeting, someone who might share and overview of the Tourism Industry and how ours might be restored to grow our local economy. We have sent this same email to other tourism authorities such as you. We are hoping someone will answer our request for assistance or send recommendations or leads. In the next paragraph I have included some of our assets and hope you will consider giving some guidance or even your assistance.

      Of course, anyone would find the region an exciting challenge. The region is rich in natural attractions and thousands of people visit the region each year. However, many local citizens, after all these years, have not embraced the concept of the tourism industry. Some have built successful hospitality businesses, however much of this prevalent resource remains untapped. Reports from the 3 State Parks in the region during 2004 documented 800,000 visitors, this figure being the visitors to the state parks alone. There are many more Missouri Conservation Parks and Mark Twain National Recreational areas within the 35 mile radius. The Black and the St. Francois rivers are very large attractions in the region. The Black River draws hundreds of people during May through October for rafting, canoeing, and floating. The St. Francois River is the location for the annual Missouri White Water Kayak Races. The area is rich in Civil War History, as well as, Ozark Mountain History, Mining History, and an Ancient Geological past. In the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, many socialites and their wealthy families occupied summer homes in the region. The crystal clear springs and rivers were considered medicinal and rejuvenating. Similarly, today many still come from the surrounding cities to enjoy the fresh air and healing landscapes of the countryside. Hikers, climbers, bikers, kayakers and many other outdoor enthusiasts come to the region seeking a healthier lifestyle by indulging in the natural beauty. We are centrally located 90 minutes south of St. Louis, 4 hrs. from Memphis, 5 hours from Kansas City, and 6 hrs. from Chicago. Our ancient beautiful rolling St. Francois Mountains, the oldest in U.S., rival that of many landscapes in the East and many in the West. I own a local bed and breakfast and I am truly blessed with growing business in the region. I for one know first hand how important it is to develop this gem carefully without ruining its natural potential. This is another reason why I am writing you today. It is very important that our region is developed properly and the very reason we need a professional.

      Finally, I will leave you with these websites designed for a local association to encourage development of the area. These websites depict exactly what we currently offer. We could offer so much more in services and in turn build our economy in this region. I am hopeful you may have some information for us very soon.



















      Best regards,

      Thomas Crowell

      Board of Directors, Taum Sauk Fund Inc.


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