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RAI Filmfest & Emotion in Motion Conference

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  • Carl, Daniela
    ***** sorry for cross-posting ***** Sent on behalf of my colleague Jeremie Kuster (please respond to him directly: j.kuster@leedsmet.ac.uk) Only two days are
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      ***** sorry for cross-posting *****


      Sent on behalf of my colleague  Jeremie Kuster (please respond to him directly: j.kuster@...)



      Only two days are left to submit a film to the 11th RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film hosted by the Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change at Leeds Metropolitan University in Leeds, England, from 1st to 4th July 2009. If you wish to submit a film, please do so by 15th of January following the guidelines advertised at the festival website: http://raifilmfest.org.uk/film/festival/2009/home.


      The film festival will be followed by a thematically linked interdisciplinary conference, ‘Emotions in Motion: The Passions of Tourism, Travel and Movement’ (4th to 7th July) for which I am the administrator. To present a paper in this conference, please send me an abstract of no more than 300 words together with your full address details and an abstract title. The official deadline to submit abstracts is 1st May 2009. However, in order to facilitate travel and funding arrangements for delegates, we offer a pre-admission deadline already on 28th February 2009.


      The conference is broadly interested in the relationship between motion and emotions, especially in the social fields of tourism and travel. In the latter, bodies and matter are set in motion; people move through unfamiliar grounds and are exposed to exotic sensations, to the heat or cold of water, snow and sunshine, to odours, tastes, smells, colours, and forms that contrast with the aesthetics of their quotidian environments. Tourism and travel make them leave their secure spaces of the familiar and expose them, in secure doses, to the unfamiliar. They involve a somehow calculated transgression of the ordinary, a ritualised temporary liquefaction of moral and aesthetic rules that frame everyday life. Motion disturbs the order of those in movement and challenges them to discover the familiar in the unfamiliar, to reconstruct and reconsider normality through the encounter of the extraordinary. It challenges them to repossess their bodies, to rethink the fundament of their being, to reassess the separations that configure the natures and identities of their belonging.


      Themes of particular interest include:

      - Passions and Transgressions: Eroticism, Liminality, Carnival, Violence and Power in Tourism and Travel;

       - Passions and Desires for Fluidity, Freedom, Friendship, Connection, Transhumance, Authenticity, Beauty;

       - Passions and Flirts with Danger, Fear and Fantasy in Tourism and Travel;

      - Passions and Joyful Sufferings: Epic Journeys, Mountain Liturgies and Touristic Activities that (may) Hurt;

       - Passions and Stendhal Syndromes: Religious and Aesthetic Sublimation in Tourism, Pilgrimage and Travel;

       - Passions and Consumptions: Pleasures and Symbolic Economies of Eating, Digesting, Excreting in Tourism;

       - Passions and Morals in Tourism and Travel: Ambivalences of Encounter, Ethics, Moral and Legal Frames;

       - Passions, Identity and the Making and Unmaking of ‘Passions’ in Culture and Social Performance;

       - Economies and Politics of Passion in Tourism, Hospitality and Travel.


      For more information on the conference themes, please visit our website: www.tourism-culture.com.


      With best wishes and on behalf of my colleagues and conference convenors, David Picard, Simone Abram and Mike Robinson,



      Jeremie Kuster.

      Conference administrator


      Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change

      Leeds Metropolitan University

      Old School Board 209

      Calverley Street - Leeds

      LS1 3ED United Kingdom







      Other Forthcoming Events


      Human Rites and City Lights:

      Balancing Socio-Cultural, Artistic, Tourism and Commercial Dimensions of Festivals

      18 – 20 March 2009, Bratislava, Slovakia


      Traditions and Transformations:

      Tourism, Heritage and Cultural Change in the Middle East and North Africa Region

      4-7 April 2009, Amman, Jordan


      Resorting to the Coast:

      Tourism, Heritage and Cultures of the Seaside

      25-29 June 2009, Blackpool, United Kingdom


      New MA Course 

      MA Cultural Tourism






      To view the terms under which this email is distributed, please go to http://disclaimer.leedsmet.ac.uk/email.htm
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