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TTRI would be very grateful if you could circulate this flyer to publicise this forthcoming seminar. Thank you very much in advance. If you require a different format please let me know.

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  • Lavin Ann
    dilin. ________________________________ TTRI Research Seminar DMOs in UK cities are increasingly recognizing the visitation opportunities offered by students
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2008
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      TTRI Research Seminar

      DMOs in UK cities are increasingly recognizing the visitation

      opportunities offered by students at local higher educational

      institutions, which reflects the wider acknowledgement of this market by the tourism sector in general.  Indeed students have been referred to as the ‘bread and butter’ of the tourism industry, acknowledging in particular the income expected after graduation.
      University alumni therefore represent a marketing opportunity for cities in which there is substantial higher education provision.
      The market potential is not restricted solely to ex-students them­selves on repeat visits; as with other repeat visitors, alumni return­ing to their
      alma mater and/or its locale may be accompanied by relatives and friends and may also offer ambassadorial potential for word-of-mouth recommendation. University alumni arguably represent a viable yet largely untapped destination market seg­ment, and whilst both student and repeat visitor markets have both featured in the academic literature and been recognised by relevant marketing agencies, the alumni market continues to be neglected relative to other student segments.  The paper dis­cusses a study, undertaken for Marketing Manchester, of the alumni market for Greater Manchester.  It examines alumni motiva­tions and constraints in relation to returning to the city and its sub-region using a sample of 837 alumni from the University of Salford.  The findings, including the results from market segmen­tation and profiling analyses, are discussed together with their strategic implications.

      Dr Peter Schofield is an Associate Director of the Management and

      Management Sciences Research Institute at the University of Salford in Greater Manchester.  He has published widely on various aspects of

      urban tourism, consumer behaviour and destination marketing.  His

      current research interests include consumer decision making, destination and events marketing, resident attitudes to tourism development and ser­vice quality management with particular reference to hotel service failure and recovery strategies.

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