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  • Alan A. Lew
    ... From: olivier dehoorne Date: Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 8:08 PM Subject: Etudes Caribéennes *Etudes Caribéennes, n°14 /2009* Tourism in
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      From: olivier dehoorne <dehoorneo@...>
      Date: Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 8:08 PM
      Subject: Etudes Caribéennes

      Etudes Caribéennes, n°14 /2009

      Tourism in Latin America.
      Issues and prospects for development

      Call for contribution:

      The objective of this issue of Caribbean Studies is to present an inventory of tourism studies in the territories of Latin America including South America, Mexico, Middle America, and the Caribbean islands. The approaches can include those related to regional development, economy, geography, history, and sociology. Submissions are open to researchers from Latin America, North America, and Europe.
      Among the submissions that we seek are those that deal with the following analysis : 1 / tourism or the phenomenon itself which can include resorts, heritage issues, the perspective of international tourism and the national practices that promote it; 2 / on the problems and challenges for development including inequalities of wealth, resource management issues, and the role sustainable development.
      Analysis can be at a variety of scales i. e local, regional, or national. They can also focus on mechanisms of globalization, which organizes the tourism industry at regional level on a global scale.

      The themes to be preferred:

      1 / Tourism in time and space (distribution of flows, markets and destinations, choice of places, changing practices)

      2 / Tourism and development of territories (the territories of tourism, construction of tourist sites, management procedures, recovery and access to resources)

      3 / Tourism and Development (tourism economy, development issues for the host societies)

      4 / tourism image (yesterday and today) and representations of destinations

      5 / Tourism in the context of sustainable development (case study, development model, limitations and lessons)

      The journal will accept only original contributions in English, French and Spanish.


      - December 20, 2008: Deadline for sending a proposal (s) of article (s)

      - July 2009: receipt of the texts;

      - August-September 2009: evaluation of texts by the Scientific Committee;

      - October - November 2009: finalization of the texts by authors

      - January 2010: editing and publication of special issue (No. 14)

      Coordination issue:

      - Olivier Dehoorne and Christelle Murat (CEREGMIA-University of the West Indies and Guyana)

      Email address:

      - dehoorneo@... & murat.krystel@...


      Olivier Dehoorne
      Université des Antilles et de la Guyane
      Campus de Schoelcher
      B.P. 7207
      97 275 Schoelcher - Martinique
      FWI - France.
      tel : 05 96 72 73 09 - 06 96 81 14 80
      fax : 05 96 72 73 02

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