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FW: Call for Papers - Special Issue, Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research on "Island Destinations"

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  • Michael Hall
    ___________________________________________ Professor C. Michael Hall, PhD. Department of Management, College of Business & Economics, University of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2008
      Professor C. Michael Hall, PhD.
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      Subject: Call for Papers - Special Issue, Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research on "Island Destinations"

      Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research

      Islands are often popular tourism destinations attracting tourist numbers far exceeding their native population. Their distinctive characteristics impose specific requirements on developing and marketing tourism. In addition to unique cultures and natural habitats, island destinations can often offer a degree of exoticism or exclusivity to a trip. However,islands typically have limited resources, and increased arrivals may strain the use of these beyond sustainable levels. Issues related to the environmental impact of tourism, waste disposal and conservation of biodiversity can be far more sensitive for islands than for other destinations. Island tourism may also be exposed to greater volatility, and in the future to the effects of global climate and environmental change. Although papers have been published in the area, little effort has been made to compile research on different aspects of island tourism together, thus offering a multifaceted insight in the specifics of these destinations. Doing so is the aim of this special issue. Potential topics may include:

      Ø Tourism planning in island destinations
      Ø Evaluation of tourism potential of environmental and cultural resources in island destinations
      Ø Cooperation, collaboration and competition in marketing island destinations
      Ø Branding and positioning of island destinations
      Ø Sustainable tourism in island destinations
      Ø Island tourism and the environment
      Ø Resource protection and biodiversity preservation in island destinations
      Ø Tourism impacts on island destinations
      Ø Carrying capacity of island destinations
      Ø The role of local communities in island destinations
      Ø Local and visitor perceptions of island destinations
      Ø Specifics of the demand for island destinations
      Ø Cultural and heritage tourism dimensions of island destinations
      Ø Island accessibility - blessing or curse
      Ø Comparative studies on tourism in island destinations
      Ø The future: climate and environmental change and island destinations
      Ø Other papers related to the theme of the special issue

      Quality of research, relevance to the thematic issue of island destinations, and application of the research for professionals in the industry.


      Extended abstracts of no more than 1,200 words should be submitted by email to one of the Guest Editors by
      December 15, 2008. Abstracts should include introduction, concept/theory, methodology, expected findings, and related reference sections. Authors will receive feedback on their extended abstracts by February 15, 2009. Completed papers incorporating the guest editors' feedback must be submitted via email by April 15, 2009. All papers will then be blind reviewed by at least two reviewers. The special issue of the journal will be published in late 2009 - early 2010. Please send all submissions (in English) via email, as Microsoft Word attachments

      Guest Editors:
      Dr. Ilian Assenov
      Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Prince of Songkla UniversityPhuket, Thailand
      Tel.: +66 (0) 87 277 5014 Fax : +66 (0) 76 276 214
      Email: ilian@...

      Prof. C. Michael Hall
      Department of Management, College of Business and Economics, University of Canterbury. Christchurch, New Zealand

      Email : michael.hall@...
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