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  • Sanjay K Nepal
    Session Title: Economic geography and tourism Contact person: Dimitri Ioannides DIoannides@MissouriState.edu Session Description: Much discussion has been made
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2007
      Session Title: Economic geography and tourism
      Contact person: Dimitri Ioannides DIoannides@...

      Session Description:

      Much discussion has been made in recent times concerning the appearance
      of a so-called "experience economy." The term originally coined by
      economists Pine and Gillmore (1999) generally implies that our modern
      society has become one dominated by businesses whose principal aim is to
      generate experiences. Being the "poster child" of the experience
      economy, tourism remains a sector that is not well defined and, as such,
      it is one that is hard to measure. Some of the questions that continue
      to dog researchers include: (a) what exactly is the tourist industry;
      (b) how do we disentangle the experience part of the tourist product
      from more tangible aspects like hotel rooms and airline seats; (c) what
      methodological tools do we have at our disposal to improve the
      measurement of tourism? (d) what is the magnitude of tourism within

      If you have a paper on these aspects or any others that explore the
      interconnections of economic geography to travel and tourism please
      consider submitting your abstract to me as soon as possible. Thanks.

      Dimitri Ioannides PhD
      Professor of Tourism Planning and Development
      Dept. of Geography, Geology, and Planning
      Missouri State University
      MO 65897

      Phone: 417-836-5318
      Cell: 417-848-5440
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      email: dioannides@...

      Sanjay K. Nepal, PhD
      Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences
      Texas A&M University
      College Station, TX-77845-2261
      Tel: 979 862 4080 Fax: 979 845 0446

      eReview of Tourism Research

      Recreation, Tourism and Sports Specialty Group,
      The Association of American Geographers (AAG)
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