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Fwd: The Soskolne et al book "Sustaining Life on Earth: Environmental and Human Health through Global Governance" - now available

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  • Julia Morton-Marr
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      Subject: The Soskolne et al book "Sustaining Life on Earth: Environmental and Human Health through Global Governance" - now available
      Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 15:52:11 -0600
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      Thread-Topic: The Soskolne et al book "Sustaining Life on Earth: Environmental and Human Health through Global Governance" - now available
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      Hello everyone with whom I have had e-mail exchanges (please excuse cross-postings):
      Many of you, my colleagues and friends, know that I have been immersed in a grand inter-disciplinary book-writing project for a few years. At last, the book is now in press – all 482 pages of it!
      You will know too that, over the past 15 years, I have worked collaboratively with the World Health Organization (WHO) and with the Global Ecological Integrity Group. Flowing from all this work and marvelous collaboration with superb colleagues in different fields of study, and all being concerned about the sustainability of living systems, I am hoping that the ideas distilled in this book should make a REAL difference, providing hope and a means for achieving a sustainable future for life on Earth.
      Growing numbers of people are concerned about securing a future not only for themselves, but also for the young and, of course, also for future generations to come. Advance praise for the book has been kindly provided by some excellent people who appreciate the challenges faced by humanity today; please see these on the appended PDF and on the publisher’s website.
      I append the PDF flyer for the book. If you go to the publisher's website and order your copy before it is published, you can save more than the publisher’s standard 15% web-ordered discount!
      The book can be ordered now. It went to press yesterday. If you want a copy, as long as you order in the next few weeks, you can secure a full 25% discount if you submit your order while the book is still “in press”.
      Simply click on, or paste the following URL into your browser and you can order the book right away, if you wish, for just $33.71 (soft cover).
      I look forward to hearing from you about what you think of the book in due course.
      May I ask? Please think about other people who might be interested in this book, and then forward the appended electronic flyer to them; and also perhaps to your distribution lists, if appropriate. Please encourage its uptake, far and wide.
      The book is designed for a first-year university/college level of literacy. I am growing more convinced that it could well become the international standard university/college text for a course that no student should be allowed to graduate without, called something like "Sustainability 101".  In fact, I wrote a "Teacher's Guide" which is included in the front matter to help achieve this.
      What also will help a lot is if those of you who have connections to specialized journals and magazines could please forward this flyer to them (in your respective fields of specialization). The idea here is to seek out potential reviews that sub-specialty journal editors would be able to solicit and publish for their readership to promote the book’s use.
      If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know. Anything that you can do to help promote the uptake of this book would be greatly appreciated; I feel that it could help to save the planet!
      With best wishes,  
      Colin Soskolne
      Website: www.ualberta.ca/~soskolne
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