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  • Alan A. Lew
    ************************************************************************************************************************ *POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP IN THE
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 24, 2007




      A postdoctoral fellowship is available to do research on gated community developments in small towns in the Western Cape province of South Africa with intake 1 January 2008 or as soon as possible thereafter.  The successful candidate will be expected to do limited teaching and present findings of your research at faculty and departmental seminars.

      The application is open to any post-doctoral academic/researcher, preferably candidates who have graduated less than 5 years ago and ideally have worked on gated development research before. Applications will be competition-driven. Evaluation of the available fellowship will be based on the academic merit of the applicant. Fellowships are awarded for a maximum of 2 years (renewable by motivation from the host) and a minimum of 1 year. A fellowship must be taken up within 9 months after it has been awarded to the host.

      Fellowship value: R90 000 per postdoctoral fellow for 2008. The successful scholar will have office space, but traveling, accommodation and other expenses will have to be paid by the scholarship or other sources.

      Interested persons should email a complete curriculum vitae and research record of the past 5 years to Prof Ronnie Donaldson ( rdonaldson@...) by the latest 17 September 2007. Applicants should also indicate availability to take up the fellowship in 2008-2009.

      The University reserves the right not to award a scholarship.


    • Sanjay K Nepal
      Hi all, The Recreation, Tourism and Sports (RTS) Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers is pleased to announce call for papers. You are
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 10, 2007
        Hi all,

        The Recreation, Tourism and Sports (RTS) Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers is pleased to announce call for papers. You are also invited to contact us (address at the bottom of this email) if you are interested in organizing other RTS sessions.

        If you are interested in presenting at a specific session listed below, please contact the person named under the session title.

        Also attached is a poster (pdf file) announcing student paper awards. Please distribute it widely.

        1. Session Title: Tourism Development in Towns and Rural Areas: Promises and Prospects
        Description: The session will explore lessons learned when tourism is
        embraced as an economic development strategy in small towns and rural
        areas. Success and failure that address planning principles and
        practices will yield insights to the state of the art in tourism
        development initiatives in locations where potential impacts can be
        Contact person: Bob Pfister pfisterr@...

        2. Session Title: Nationalism & National Heritage
        Contact person: Dallen Timothy <dtimothy@...>

        3. Session Title: Industrial Heritage
        Contact person: Anne Soper <asoper@...>

        4. Session Title: Mountain Tourism: Aspects of Change
        Contact person: Sanjay K. Nepal sknepal@... or Rudi Hartmann <Rudi.Hartmann@...>
        Description: This session will explore the interactions and inter-dependence between tourism, the environment, and society in the context of mountainous regions. Topics may include but not limited to tourism impacts, mountain heritage, community perspectives of tourism, amenity migration, second homes, real estate trends, etc.

        5. Session Title: Coastal Tourism
        Contact person: Kang Shou Lou kshoulu@...

        6. Session Title: Tourist/Travel landscapes and self-realization
        Contact person: Anne-Marie d'Hauteserre adhautes@...

        7. Session Title: Indigenous Tourism
        Contact person: Lorri Krebs <lkrebs@...>

        8. Session Title: Film and Tourism
        Contact person: Deborah Che dche@...

        9. Session Title: Travel Writing
        Contact person: Theoao Terkeali t.terkenli@...

        10. Session Title: Economic geography and tourism
        Contact person: Dimitri Ioannides <DIoannides@...>

        11. Student paper sessions: Graduate student are encouraged to submit full papers to sknepal@... for consideration in student paper awards. See attached poster announcement, further info can be found at the rts web page at http://www.geog.nau.edu/rts

        Thank you,


        Sanjay K. Nepal, PhD
        Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences
        Texas A&M University
        College Station, TX-77845-2261
        Tel: 979 862 4080 Fax: 979 845 0446

        eReview of Tourism Research

        Recreation, Tourism and Sports Specialty Group,
        The Association of American Geographers (AAG)
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