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JTTM: Geography and Tourism Marketing Final CFP

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  • Alan A. Lew
    Just a reminder that Initial Abstracts are due to either David or me at the end of this month (31 May 2007). Cheers Alan * Apologies for cross-posting * FINAL
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2007
      Just a reminder that Initial Abstracts are due to either David or me at the end of this month (31 May 2007).


      * Apologies for cross-posting *




      In 1997 the late Martin Oppermann edited a special issue of JTTM that
      provided an initial exploration of geographic issues in tourism marketing.
      That volume brought together several themes, including spatial behavior,
      visitor market segmentation, the concept of place, and distribution and
      promotion channels. Since then, however, new challenges and solutions have
      emerged for travel and tourism marketing. Market segmentation, place
      marketing, GIS and informatics, and distribution channels are all still very
      important geographic concepts that significantly influence marketing
      activities. However, the scope, scale and geography of tourism and mobility
      have changed significantly since 1997. The interface of geography and
      tourism marketing now includes new forms of distribution (internet-based),
      transportation (low-cost, low-fare airlines), destinations (security
      awareness), technology (social media), services (location-based mapping),
      and motivations (hybrid and fusion cultures). While geographic place and
      space still matter, it can matter in different ways and through different
      opportunities than in the past.

      The purpose of this special issue is to explore current and emerging
      synergies between geography and geographical concepts and tourism marketing.
      The editors welcome research papers on related topics, including but not
      necessarily limited to:

      - Marketing space and place
      - The relationship between service and location/geography
      - Managing destinations: distribution channels and geographic dispersal
      - Destination Marketing Organizations: managing change in turbulent
      geopolitical environments
      - Applications of GIS and spatial/location information systems
      - Shifting flows: origin/destination pairings and networks
      - Identifying and securing target markets
      - Globalization, migration and diaspora factors in tourism marketing
      - Tourist spatial behavior and travel decision-making in place marketing
      - Evolving operational structures and geographic competitive advantage
      - Regulatory environments and strategic marketing of places
      - Global mobility flows and consequences for targeted or direct marketing
      - New forms of place marketing, such as podcasts/blogs, social software and
      Web 2.0websites

      Submissions may be theoretically oriented or more applied in nature.


      Abstracts of between 1000 and 1200 words should be submitted no later than
      31 May 2007. Authors will be notified of acceptance no later than 30 June.
      Full papers to be submitted no later than 30 September 2007. Full papers
      will be blind reviewed by at least two reviewers. Depending on the response,
      the articles may also be published in book format.

      Submit abstracts (in English) via email to:

      Professor Alan Lew
      Department of Geography, Planning and Recreation
      College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
      Northern Arizona University
      Email: alan.lew (at) nau.edu


      Dr David Timothy Duval
      Department of Tourism / International Business Programme
      School of Business
      University of Otago
      Email: dduval (at) business.otago.ac.nz

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