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ATLAS 10th Business Tourism conference 2013 - Dublin, Ireland

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  • Leontine Onderwater
    Apologies for cross posting!! Business Tourism: Industry and Education Working Together Dublin, Ireland, 24 - 26 November 2013
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      Apologies for cross posting!!


      Business Tourism:

      Industry and Education Working Together

      Dublin, Ireland, 24 - 26 November 2013




      10th ATLAS Business Tourism Special Interest Group meeting



      This is the 10th Anniversary of the ATLAS SIG Business Tourism Conference and we are delighted to be hosting it in Dublin for the second time in those ten years.


      As academics we strive to provide our students with the best possible preparation for their future careers and to achieve this we work closely with our industry partners, on many levels. This collaboration is becoming more important due to the fast-paced environments in which we live and work.

      “Research is creating new knowledge”
      Neil Armstrong

      The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity to explore the relationship of academia with the business tourism sector and how we might build on it to the benefit of both parties also for our students. It is about demonstrating, to the business tourism industry, the importance of academic research can make to assist them in achieving their strategic business objectives. It is also an opportunity for the business tourism industry to share with academics their research and innovations.

      The conference will provide a forum for current research in business tourism to be presented as well as a forum to explore and discuss strategies for future partnerships.

      Papers are invited related to the theme of the conference which is:
      Business Tourism: Industry & Education Working Together

      and can be based on any aspect of business tourism and travel such as Meetings, Exhibitions, Corporate Travel, Incentive Travel including etc. The theme of the conference allows for a broad range of topics to be presented (if only to demonstrate to industry the extent of the research being conducted by academics teaching in the area of business tourism and travel). However the paper’s primary research focus must be centred on business tourism and travel for example:

      ·         Innovation in business tourism and travel education.

      ·         Current issues relating to student internships and placements in tourism or related programmes.

      ·         Collaborative initiatives between educators and business tourism providers.

      ·         Business tourism and travel current issues and trends.

      ·         Knowledge transfer between academic institutions and business tourism organisations.

      ·         Technology innovation in business tourism.

      ·         Current research in business tourism and travel.


      More information at:





      Leontine Onderwater

      Jantien Veldman



      Travit - POBox 109

      6800 AC Arnhem

      The Netherlands


      Tel: +31-26-4452699

      Fax: +31-26-4452932


      ATLAS online bookshop at





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      ATLAS annual conference

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      ATLAS Business Tourism Special Interest Group meeting

      Business Tourism: Industry and Education Working Together

      Dublin, Ireland

      24-26 November, 2013


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