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New Release: Just Leisure - Things That We Believe In

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  • William Anderson
    Good morning RTSNET, In May 2012, the 1st International Symposium on Speaking Up and Speaking Out: Working on Social and Environmental Justice through Parks,
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      Good morning RTSNET,

      In May 2012, the 1st International Symposium on Speaking Up and Speaking Out: Working on Social and Environmental Justice through Parks, Recreation, Tourism, and Leisure took place.  Just Leisure is the outcome from that 3-day event.  

      To learn more about how Just Leisure developed from the symposium and to view a free PDF galley containing the preface, foreword, contents, and first chapter, click on the cover below.  When the website opens, click on the cover again for the free "look inside" galley download.  

      Enjoy the book and have a great day!
      -William Anderson

      New Release
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       Serving Educators, Practitioners, and Students for Over 40 years
      Just Leisure
      Things That We Believe In 
      Just Leisure is intended to deepen your understanding of social and environmental justice in the context of leisure. It will spur your curiosity and bring you to your learning edge-the place where you come when you are a little anxious and uncomfortable and where you can either pull back into your comfort zone and stay with the familiar or lean into your discomfort, suspend your disbelief, and open yourself to the possibility of learning something new. Just Leisure features 19 thought-provoking chapters with discussion questions and syntheses contributed by authors from the United States, Canada, and Australia. Whether you come to this work through your concern for the environment or through your desire for greater social equity among people, you come to justice work because you recognize the need for it and believe you can make a difference.
      Table of Contents


      Sharon J. Washington

      Executive Director, National Writing Project


      Part One-Questioning Injustice

      1. What Will Become of Our 20 Grandchildren?
      2. At Whose Expense?  How Our Commitment to Conservation Has Propagated Social Injustice
      3. Beyond the Rights to Inclusion:  The Intersection of Social and Environmental Justice for Inclusion of Individuals With Disabilities in Leisure
      4. Meeting at the Crossroads: Progress for Multiracial People or Delicate Balance Amid Old Divides?
      5. Ecofeminism(s) and Just Leisure in the 21st Century 

      Synthesis:  Living With Our Imperfections: A Personal Reflection on Justice, Accountability, and Social Change


      Part Two-Naming Injustice

      1. Our Town's a Drag: Drag Queens and Queer Space in Athens, Georgia
      2. Contesting Homelessness: Public Nature, Political Ecology, and Socioenvironmental Justice
      3. John Dewey's Moral Philosophy as a Route to Social and Environmental Justice Through Youth Development Theory
      4. Facebook's Status in the Lives of Generation Y: Exploring Power Structures in an Online Leisure Space
      5. Tourism and Environmental Justice

      Synthesis: On Hierachical Marginalization


      Part Three-Teaching Justice

      1. Spirituality as a Resource for Social and Environmental Justice Through Parks, Recreation, Tourism, and Leisure
      2. Experiential Education, Social and Environmental Justice Pedagogies, and Globalization: From Theory to Practice
      3. Canada's First College of Sustainability: Teaching About Social and Environmental Justice and Sustainability
      4. Eco-Justice Education: Learning to Speak Up and Out

      Synthesis:  On Interconnectedness and Interdependence


      Part Four-Doing Justice

      1. Virtue Ethics: An Emerging Discourse in Social and Environmental Justice Inquiry
      2. Recreating Culture: Slow Food, Schole, and Critical Pedagogy
      3. Ecotourism as a Venue for Environmental and Social Justice: A Case Study of a Fijian Vanua
      4. Healthy Parks and Communities: Green Access and Equality for Los Angeles
      5. Public Memory for an Inclusive Society

      Synthesis: Philosophy as Leisure of the Most Vital Kind

      Desk Copy Policy  
      If you are an instructor, you may request a desk copy for a 45-day review period. If you adopt the book as your course text and place an order through your bookstore, notify us and the desk copy is yours to keep. If you do not adopt the book, you may (a) return it in mint condition or (b) purchase it at a 50% discount.  Desk copies can be requested on our website by logging in as an educator and clicking the desk copy link located on the book's webpage.
      Just Leisure  
      ISBN: 978-1-57167-753-2 
      ISBN: 978-1-57167-754-9
      Product Information  
      Copyright:  2013
      Pages:  226
      Format:  Softcover
      Dimensions: 7 x 10
      Sagamore Quick Links 
      Educator Links 
      Keri Schwab
         California Polytechnic State University

      Daniel Dustin
         University of Utah
      Tom Goodale
        George Mason University

      Diane Samdahl
         University of Georgia

      Mary Ann Devine
         Kent State University

      Jennifer Piatt
         Indiana University

      Nina Roberts
         San Fransisco State University

      Karla Henderson
         North Carolina State University

      Jada Lindblom
         University of Utah

      Joshua Barnett
        Indiana University

      Corey W. Johnson
         University of Georgia

      Jeff Rose
         University of Utah

      Daniel Theriault
         Texas A & M University

      Rudy Dunlap
         Middle Tennessee State University

      Callie Spencer & Jeremy Jostad
         University of Utah

      Freya-Higgins Desbiolles
         University of South Australia

      Kyle Powys Whyte
         Michigan State University

      Deirdre Tedmanson
         University of South Australia

      Zachary Schwing
         University of Utah

      Paul Heintzman
         University of Ottawa

      Mary Breunig & Samantha Dear
         Brock University

      Susan Tirone, Clair Campbell, & Karen Gallant
         Dalhousie University

      Adrienne Cachelin
         University of Utah

      Anita Ledford
         University of Utah

      Donald McLean
         Western Illinois University-Quad Cities

      Kelly Bricker
         University of Utah

      Robert Garcia & Seth Strongin
         The City Project, Los Angeles, California

      William Stewart
         University of Illinois

      Ed Barbanell
      University of Utah


      William Anderson
      Director of Sales and Marketing

      Sagamore Publishing LLC
      1807 N. Federal Drive
      Urbana, IL 61801-1051
      (217) 359-5940

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