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ATLAS 3 new publications

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  • Leontine Onderwater
    We are very happy to announce 3 new ATLAS publications: http://www.atlas-webshop.org/WebRoot/StoreNL/Shops/61492534/507C/1923/E21F/B
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      We are very happy to announce 3 new ATLAS publications:




      European Cultural Capital Report 4

      Edited by Robert Palmer, Greg Richards and Diane Dodd
      Arnhem: ATLAS 106 pp
      September 2012

      More information at: http://www.atlas-webshop.org/epages/61492534.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61492534/Products/ATL_00102





      Reflecting on Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage

      Edited By Kevin Griffin and Razaq Raj
      Arnhem: ATLAS 162 pp
      September 2012

      More information at: http://www.atlas-webshop.org/epages/61492534.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61492534/Products/ATL_00103




      ATLAS Reflections 2012: re-creating the Global City

      Tourism, Leisure and Mega-Events in the Transformation of 21st Century Cities

      Edited by: Melanie Smith, Leontine Onderwater and Jantien Veldman
      Arnhem: ATLAS 92 pp
      September 2012

      More information at: http://www.atlas-webshop.org/epages/61492534.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61492534/Products/ATL_00104






      Leontine Onderwater

      Jantien Veldman



      Travit - POBox 3042

      6802 DA Arnhem

      The Netherlands


      Tel: +31-26-4452699

      Fax: +31-26-4452932


      ATLAS online bookshop at





      ATLAS Business Tourism Special Interest Group meeting

      Innovation in Business Travel and Business Tourism

      Lugano, Switzerland

      9-11 December, 2012



      ATLAS SIG Independent Travel Research Group meeting

      Independent Travel and Hospitality: An expert conference

      Beirut, Lebanon

      19-21 January, 2013



      ATLAS SIG Events Expert Meeting

      Imagineering Events

      Peniche, Portugal

      9-10 May, 2013



      ATLAS Africa conference 2013

      Information will be available soon.

      African Tourism in Global Society: Central or Peripheral?

      Kigali, Rwanda

      3-5 June, 2013

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