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Sustainable Tourism and Resilient Tourism - AAG, Los Angeles Meeting, April 2013

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  • Alan A. Lew
    CALL FOR ABSTRACTS -- RTS Sessions for the AAG, Los Angeles Meeting, April 2013 *Sustainable Tourism and Resilient Tourism* * * Resilience has become
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 9, 2012
      CALL FOR ABSTRACTS -- RTS Sessions for the AAG, Los Angeles Meeting, April 2013

      Sustainable Tourism and Resilient Tourism

      Resilience has become increasingly significant as a way of addressing the urgent needs of communities in today's rapidly changing world. While some consider resilience as a feature of sustainability, other consider it as a major departure. The latter argument, for example, sees sustainability as trying to prevents climate change, and resilience as trying to adapt to changes. In addition,resilience has two major approaches. The first, and better known, approach has a focus on large catastrophic events, such as a tsunami or economic crash. An alternative approach seeks to understand how people and communities deal with slow, gradual changes over time, such as rises in sea level or changing job markets. The latter approach has been referred to as evolutionary resilience, persistent resilience, and transitional resilience (among other terms). This has significant ties to sustainable community development to the degree that each has a focus on capacity building and institutional learning.

      This session explores all of these perspectives in the context of tourism communities. Papers are welcome that expand our understanding of sustainable tourism and of tourism and resilience, both at the large scale disaster level, and as the day-to-day survival level. Papers that interface between the two concepts of sustainability and resilience are also welcome, though not required. Let me know if you have any questions about this session.

      Please submit abstracts to the session organizer, Alan A. Lew, Northern Arizona University, <alan.lew@...>, no later than October 17. (See full abstract submission instructions at the top of this webpage.)

      This session is cosponsored by the Tourism Commission of the International Geographical Union. 

      For all of the AAG-RTS Sponsored Sessions for the AAG, please visit: http://www.geog.nau.edu/rts/sessions/2013.html

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