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(ROBERSON) USA-Morocco NGO interculturalism | conferences, publishing, collaborations | “Arab Spring” themed materials now in ebo ok format

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  • George F. Roberson
    SUBJECT: Kaouti’s No Man s Land now available worldwide in both ebook (instant digital delivery) and print editions Hailed as one of the most important
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2012
      SUBJECT: Kaouti’s "No Man's Land" now available worldwide in both ebook (instant digital delivery) and print editions

      Hailed as "one of the most important plays in the Moroccan artistic repertoire following independence.."

      --Khalid Amine, Professor and President of the International Centre for Performance Studies (ICPS) Tangier

      Ready for course adoption: “Arab Sprint”, human rights, Arabic to English translations, contemporary Moroccan literature, Arab theatre/performance

      And situated as “a product of Morocco's traditional 'open space' for debate - the theatre, No Man's Land foregrounds and predicts the “Mouvement du 20 Février”. It shrewdly highlights the seemingly irreconcilable struggles, conflicting aspirations, and complex socio-political realities of postcolonial Morocco. As various groups vie for power in the still-unfolding “Arab Spring”, Kaouti’s No Man’s Land reminds us that we ought to be paying closer attention to artists, the voices of 'insiders' and to performative powers."

      --George F Roberson, Chair, Partners for International Collaboration and Education

      Includes the forward, “No Man's Land: Voices From 'Deep Morocco'” by Khalid Amine

      Translated from Arabic by Mohamed Yassin El Harruchi

      Paperback – print edition $15

      Ebook – Kindle edition $2.99

      Free e-reader apps for Kindle books (PC, Ipad, etc)

      View this announcement on the web

      Bulk orders and reprint permissions through the Publisher

      The English-language print and ebook editions of “No Man’s Land” were made possible through the generous support of the Crossroads Institute for Interweaving Cultures (CIFIC) and in partnership with Collaborative Media International (CMI) and International Centre for Performance Studies (ICPS) Tangier, Morocco.

      Collaborative Media International (CMI) is an all-volunteer USA-based book publishing cooperative with all proceeds reinvested for more books and conferences:

      International Centre for Performance Studies (ICPS) Tangier is a Morocco-based academic NGO, founded by Fulbrighter to the USA, Khalid Amine. ICPS organizes the Annual Tangier International Conferences (8 editions complete) co-founded with Barry Tharaud (Professor, Fulbrighter) and Andrew Hussey (Dean of the Institute, University of London Institute in Paris):

      Also from Collaborative Media International (CMI):

      “Moroccan Arabic: A Practical Guide to Learning Moroccan Darija - the Arabic Dialect of Morocco
      (2nd edition)” By Aaron Sakulich, Edited by Rajae Khaloufi, ISBN 9780982440933

      Coming soon, new francophone edition, "L'arabe Marocain"

      9th Annual International Conference, Tangier - Tetouan
      Call for Papers: Performing the (Arab) Public Sphere
      Morocco, June 1-3, 2013

      Hosted by the International Centre for Performance Studies (ICPS) – Tangier

      The conference aims at reframing the discussion on the public sphere and questioning the performative articulations of political critique. It is a continuation of our discussions in the “Performance and
      Transformations” conference (2012).

      Excerpt: The Arab world “has long being characterized by its Orientalizers, past and present, as not only lacking in civility but also in public-ness and public-ity.”(Seteney Shami, 2009: 14). Is there an “Arab Public Sphere”? Does it conform to the Habermasian model? Or else, it is a post-Bourgeois model? Is it different from the public sphere of the North? Or else, an exemplary instance of what Gayatri Spivak calls the “Feudal North-in-the-South”?

      Arabic, English, French: simultaneous interpreting in all panel sessions. Proposal deadline: 31 January 2013

      View/download/print full CFP:

      ICPS conferences/publishing founded by Fulbrighters and supported by
      dozens of Fulbrighters (to Morocco and to USA)

      Join us!

      Partners, co/granters, proposals, manuscripts, inquiries, etc., always welcomed


      George F Roberson, PhD
      Capitol Hill - Denver, Colorado USA

      Geography Human Dimensions Research Group -- University of Massachusetts-Amherst
      Fulbright Scholar -- Morocco


      Partners for International Collaboration and Education (PICE)
      George F Roberson, Chair
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