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PhD Opportunities (University of Otago, New Zealand)

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  • Neil Carr
    Apologies for cross-posting. Can you please forward this email to anyone you know who is interested in undertaking a PhD in tourism, hospitality, or leisure
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 2012
      Apologies for cross-posting. Can you please forward this email to anyone you know who is interested in undertaking a PhD in tourism, hospitality, or leisure studies. This email has been sent on behalf of Associate Professor Brent Lovelock (Brent.Lovelock@...) who is the PhD coordinator in the Department of Tourism at the University of Otago.

               Are you considering undertaking a PhD in Tourism, Hospitality, or Leisure Studies?
      Consider the Department of Tourism at the University of Otago, New Zealand
      The Department of Tourism at the University of Otago is one of the world’s leading research institutes in the field of tourism, hospitality, and leisure studies. The department is home to an array of leading, internationally recognised researchers and a highly active multinational postgraduate program. The following staff are actively seeking PhD students in the areas mentioned. You should contact these staff directly if you are interested in working on a project that matches their interests. If you are unsure whether your proposed topic fits any of these research areas please contact the departmental PhD coordinator in the first instance:
      Associate Professor Hazel Tucker  (hazel.tucker@...)
      • Representation and identity
      • Postcolonialism
      • Socio-cultural change
      • Cutural heritage/World heritage
      • Gender
      • Entrepreneurship
      Professor James Higham  (james.higham@...)
      • Tourism and environmental change
      • Tourism and global climate change
      • Sustainable mobility
      Associate Professor Neil Carr  (neil.carr@...)
      • Tourism and leisure behaviour
      Associate Professor Brent Lovelock  (brent.lovelock@...) Centre for Recreation Research
      • Consumptive wildlife tourism (hunting, fishing)
      • Ethical travel
      • Sustainable nature based tourism/recreation
      • Tourism planning
      Dr Anna Thompson-Carr  (anna.thompson@...) Centre for Recreation Research
      • Wilderness and adventure tourism management
      • Commercialised outdoor recreation
      • Indigenous tourism
      Dr Tara Duncan  (tara.duncan@...)
      • Current debates on mobilities in tourism and hospitality.
      • Backpacker/Gap Year/ (Young) budget travellers studies
      Dr Tianyu Ying  (tianyu.ying@...)
      • Social network analysis in tourism
      • Tourism information; Social media and  destination marketing
      • Sustainable tourism, Rural tourism 
      Dr Sebastian Filep  (sebastian.filep@...)
      • Positive psychology, happiness and well being
      • Tourism and quality of life
      • Health and wellness tourism
      • Tourist satisfaction and motivation
      Dr Mary Mostafanezhad  (mary.mostafanezhad@...)
      • Development
      • Cultural politics
      • Political economy/ecology
      • Social movements
      • Space and place
      • Heritage
      • Mobilities
      Dr Freya Higgins Desbiolles  (Freya.HigginsDesbiolles@...) – arriving in February 2013
      • Critical hospitality and tourism studies
      • Host community issues in tourism and hospitality
      • Justice, human rights and solidarity issues in tourism and hospitality
      • Policy and planning for tourism and hospitality
      • Reconciliation through tourism
      • Peace through tourism
      All PhD students based in New Zealand during their candidature pay domestic fees irrespective of their nationality. The University of Otago offers approximately 181 PhD scholarships that are open to both domestic and international applicants. The Tourism Department at the University of Otago provides financial support to all students to attend domestic and international conferences and to undertake fieldwork pertinent to their studies. All students are provided with access to a personal computer and a workspace in a shared office. More details of the Tourism Department, its PhD program and application process, and the research interests of other potential PhD supervisors are available at http://www.otago.ac.nz/tourism/ .
      Students will normally be required to have an average of an ‘A’ across their relevant postgraduate programme to be competitive for a University of Otago Postgraduate Scholarship. To assess international grades, please visit the World Education Service website at www.wes.org/gradeconversionguide/Note that the Otago Scholarships Committee focuses primarily on research-level study in making grade assessments (a Master’s degree or the final year/highest-level papers in your most recent or relevant qualification if you have not completed a Master’s degree).
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