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Best Student Paper Award at 2012 LRS

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  • Monika Stodolska
    ***** apologies for cross-posting**** Dear All, We would like to announce new and exciting initiative related to the next year s Leisure Research Symposium --
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 21, 2011
    ***** apologies for cross-posting****

    Dear All,

    We would like to announce new and exciting initiative related to the next year's Leisure Research Symposium -- Academy of Leisure Sciences/NRPA Best Student Paper Award.

    Here are the GUIDELINES:

    1.        To meet the eligibility requirements for the best student award:
    a.        Only the presenting student should be listed as author,  OR
    b.        The paper and research should be primarily the student's work as defined by guidelines outlined in APA 6th edition.
    c.        Current graduate and undergraduate students and those who have graduated within 6 months of receiving a Ph.D. at the time of the Symposium will be eligible for the Award.

    2.        All students who submit an LRS abstract should indicate on the contact information sheet if they would like to be considered for the Best Student Paper Award. Students who would like to be considered for the award must obtain a signature from all co-authors (if applicable) certifying that the work meets the eligibility requirements as noted in #1 above.

    3.        The top 5 scored abstracts as reviewed by the LRS section coordinators will be invited to submit a full 15 page long paper (deadline July 1st, 2012). Invitations to submit full papers will be sent along with abstract acceptance notification (i.e., late February).

    4.        The full papers will be reviewed by 2 members of Academy of Leisure Sciences, 2 members of Education Network and 1 of the LRS co-chairs. To ensure that conflicts of interest do not arise none of these reviewers can be listed as a co-author on the abstract or have any professional relationship with a finalist.  The winner will also be encouraged to submit their entry to the Journal of Leisure Research.

    5.        Only the full written papers will be judged for the final Award, but students who do not present their papers at the LRS will be ruled not eligible to receive the Award.

    6.        The award will be presented at the Academy of Leisure Sciences luncheon at NRPA Annual Conference.

    7.        The award will consist of a free registration to NRPA, a plaque and a $200 award.

    If you have any questions, please let us know.

    All the best,

    LRS Co-chairs:   Monika Stodolska (stodolsk@...) & Jason Bocarro (jnbocarro@...)
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