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AAG NY Two further proposed sessions

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  • Alison Gill
    Hello All: Further to my list of proposed sessions sent yesterday - two additions. 1. There is still space in the Theoretical developments in tourism session
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2011
      Hello All:
      Further to my list of proposed sessions sent yesterday - two additions.

      1. There is still space in the "Theoretical developments in tourism" session organized by Daniel Knudsen <knudsen@...>

      2. A NEW CFP

      "Privatization and bio-conservation: exploring social/ecological trends"

      Jason Abdilla and Melissa Wiggins (University of Colorado Denver)

      Public conservation has waned considerably since the mid-19th century, alongside increased interest among private landowners and non-governmental organizations to establish and maintain conservation easements. Easements have been criticized for enclosing landscapes and resources away from the public in order to promote private gain. Nevertheless, easements have been shown to effectively protect landscapes, ecosystems, and wildlife from development. As the number of easements continues to grow every year, we must consider pressing questions such as what types of landscapes are being conserved, what types of protection are they receiving, and who is benefiting from these conservation mechanisms. This paper session seeks to explore these and many other facets of of ‘neoliberal’ conservation at the local, regional, and (inter)national scales.

      Topics for papers can include:

      · --- Work that considers spatial and temporal trends in easement conservation

      · --- Efforts to categorize and organize easements by use, management, landscape, ecosystem type

      · --- Analysis of private and market-based approaches to conservation, and how these trends affect the broader goals and aims of easement agreements

      · --- Neoliberalism, enclosures, and the commodification of nature

      · --- Cooperation of NGOs

      · --- Contestations and criticism from public or private conservation groups

      · --- Ecosystem quality and fragmentation

      If interested, please send abstracts to Jason Abdilla (jason.abdilla@...) or Melissa Wiggins (melissa.wiggins@...) by September 28, 2011.
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