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999recreation & society in Africa, Asia, & Latin America

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  • Neil Carr
    Mar 31, 2011
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      Apologies for multiple postings


      The latest issue of Recreation & Society in Africa, Asia, & Latin America is now available online at: http://www.spreadcorp.org/rasaala/RASAALA-vol1-no2.pdf


      This issue is co-edited by Dr Scott Cohen and Dr Paolo Mura and examines issues associated with Tourism, Leisure and Risk. The table of contents is below. Anyone interested in running a special issue of the journal as a guest editor is encouraged to contact the journal editor, Neil Carr (neil.carr@...)


      Guest editors’ introduction. Scott Cohen & Paolo Mura

      The only risk is wanting to stay: Mediating risk in Colombian tourism development. Robert Fletcher

      Local perceptions of risk and tourism: A case study from rural Nepal . Martina Shakya

      Risk, excitement and emotional conflict in women’s travel narratives. Emily Falconer

      Risk, emotion and aggressiveness in virtual leisure: Brazilian players standpoints. Gisele Schwartz, Danilo Santiago, Giselle Tavares, Cristiane Kawaguti, Paula Abrucez & Sandro Carnicelli Filho