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982ATLAS list ATLAS annual conference 2011 - extention deadline abstracts

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  • Leontine Onderwater
    Feb 1, 2011

      Apologies for cross posting


      ATLAS annual conference 2011




      Landscape and tourism: The dualistic relationship

      Valmiera, Latvia, 21 - 23 September 2011


      Please be informed that te deadline for submitting abstract has been extended to March 1st 2011. You can submit your abstract by using the abstract submission form on the ATLAS homepage at www.atlas-euro.org.

      Conference Theme

      Landscapes vary. Landscape diversity creates unique local and national value for individuals, business, societies and governments alike. Somewhere too densely populated, somewhere else inhabited incredibly scarcely, and yet somewhere else exploited and abandoned; a sparsely inhabited paradise is an unreachable dream to many in urbanized society.

      Yet, even when finding it, can a modern person fully enjoy it? Tourism is often a rarely realized opportunity to solve many of those contradictions. Images, expectations and reality, extensive use and protection, remoteness and urbanization - many of these dualistic issues are waiting to be discussed to find common understanding and solutions.

      More info


      More information on this conference can be found at:





      Leontine Onderwater

      Jantien Veldman

      Linda Gramser



      Travit - POBox 3042

      6802 DA Arnhem

      The Netherlands


      Tel: +31-26-4452699

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      Tourism Geographies Group meeting
      The Changing World of Coastal, Island and Tropical Tourism
      Martinique, French West Indies
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      City and National Capital Tourism SIG Meeting

      Tourism and Changing Representation in (National Capital) cities

      Brussels, Belgium

      May 5-6, 2011


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      Breda, the Netherlands

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      Religious and Pilgromage SIG meeting

      Enhancing the Religious Tourism Experience

      New Norcia, Perth, Western Australia
      July 3-8, 2011

      ATLAS annual conference 2011
      Landscape and tourism: The dualistic relationship
      Valmiera, Latvia
      September 21-23, 2011


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