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894tourism entrepreneurship conference

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  • Barbara Carmichael
    Mar 19, 2010
      Mark your calenders
      Tourism Entrepreneurship Conference - details and registration at

      The NeXt Research Centre in the School of Business & Economics at
      Wilfrid Laurier University is pleased to sponsor and host an
      international conference on Tourism Entrepreneurship at Wilfrid Laurier
      University in Waterloo on April 26-27, 2010. Along with this conference
      will be a panel session of tourism industry representatives (see below)

      This conference will explore a relatively new field in both tourism and
      entrepreneurship research: Tourism Entrepreneurship.Tourism
      entrepreneurship research is multifaceted and involves the consideration
      of external factors, personal factors and interpersonal factors that
      provide challenges and opportunities for success.

      We have attracted a wider range and number of international researchers
      to this conference with delegates coming from the following countries:
      United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, France, USA, Philippines, Macao, New
      Zealand, South Africa and Kenya. The Canadian delegates are from Ontario
      and Alberta.

      Papers are grouped under a number of themes:
      * Entrepreneurship
      * Firm performances
      * External influences
      * Rural entrepreneurship
      * Nascent entrepreneurship and innovation
      * Networks
      * Entrepreneur characteristics

      Please note that we welcome non-presenters and guests at a rate of
      Students (non-presenters) are also welcome to attend at a rate of

      Conference Keynote Speaker:

      Alison Morrison
      Professor, University of Surrey

      A distinguished scholar in the field of entrepreneurship, tourism and
      hospitality, Alison will lead into the conference with her opening
      presentation titled *Tourism Entrepreneurship: Worlds, Voices and
      Alison*s support for this conference indicates the timeliness and
      relevance of this conference activity. This is the first time a group
      of international researchers have come together to explore this topic.

      Paper Submission:

      22 papers have been accepted for presentation at the conference and
      suitable papers will be entered into review for the special issue in
      Journal of Tourism Hospitality Planning and Development. An edited book
      is also being considered, edited by Dr Barbara Carmichael, Director of
      NeXt and Dr Alison Morrison, University of Surrey.

      Managing change: challenges for tourism entrepreneurs

      Tuesday, April 27, 2010
      7:30am - Breakfast
      8:30am - 10:15am - Panel Session $35

      As well as academic paper sessions, a tourism industry and breakfast
      panel session open to the community will be moderated by Bill Allen,
      President Tourism Industry Association of Ontario.

      The panel will include prominent tourism entrepreneurs:

      * Mark Bingeman, General Manager Bingemans Inc.
      * Alex Mustakas, Artistic Director and Chief Entertainment Officer,
      Drayton Entertainment
      * Rob Thorburn Sr, Chairman and Owner, Scenic Caves Nature

      see conference website for registration link

      Post Conference Excursion to Niagara Falls and wineries

      A post conference day tour to Niagara Falls and Niagara wineries is
      planned for April 28, 2010 at an additional cost of $50.
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