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844Current Issues in Tourism Geography, AAG RTS session

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    Oct 28, 2009
      I'm interested in organizing a session on Current Issues in Tourism Geography for the upcoming AAG.  "Events this decade--natural disasters, terrorism, war, global financial crisis, pandemics--have created a challenging environment for tourism.  The purpose of this session is to explore how tourism has responded to these and other challenges."
      If you have a paper you'd like to include in this session please send my your PIN and the paper's title.  I'll then create the session and add your content.  Also, if you're interested in acting as chair or as discussant for this session, let me know.
      Also, I've uploaded my abstract "The geography of US state tourism promotion funding, 1972-2009" if anyone has a session in which it would be a good fit, please contact me.
      Wes Roehl

      Director of Programs in Tourism & Hospitality Management
      School of Tourism & Hospitality Management
      Temple University