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842FW: AAG sessions call for panelists and illustrated posters participants

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  • Daniel Olsen
    Oct 23, 2009
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      Forwarded as requested.

      Dr. Daniel H. Olsen
      Assistant Professor
      Department of Geography, Brandon University
      Room 4-10, John R. Brodie Science Centre
      270 18th Street, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada R7A 6A9

      Phone: (204) 727-9766
      Fax: (204) 728-7346

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      From: Suzanne Walther [mailto:swalther@...]
      Sent: Friday, October 23, 2009 2:37 PM

      Could you please post the call for panelists and posters below to your
      speciality group? Apologies for any cross-postings. Thanks!

      I wanted to make a broad cross-section of our membership aware of two
      opportunities at AAG. Even if you aren't directly involved in study abroad,
      if you are interested in it in the future or if your students have engaged
      in studying abroad during their time in school, these sessions could be

      We are hosting a session on how to improve or equalize the benefits of study
      abroad in the developing world and need a few more panelists for this
      session. You can do this in addition to a paper presentation, as it is a
      panel discussion to share and exchange ideas.

      We are also hosting a poster session for undergrads and graduate students
      who have studied abroad to present on their experiences. This is a great
      opportunity to gain conference experience for students and for them to share
      what they learned.

      Listed below are the titles and short abstracts for both.Please email me if
      you are interested in either session.

      Thank you,


      Expanding the responsibilities of educators of study abroad in the
      developing world
      This panel will engage in a round-table discussion on development of
      long-term relationships, two-way exchanges, and collaborative teaching in
      study abroad in order to bridge the North-South global divide. The aim of
      this discussion is to facilitate ideas to create more balanced gains for US
      students and educators going abroad as well as for students and educators in
      host countries. Panelists will present examples of how to achieve this goal
      (possibly necessitated by a previous experience) and examples of ideas that
      were not as successful when implemented.

      Student experiences in studying abroad in the developing world
      Undergraduates and recent graduates present posters on an aspect of their
      experience as a study abroad student and how it has effected them since
      returning to the U.S.

      Suzanne Walther

      President-UO Student Chapter of ASPRS
      (American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing)
      The Geospatial Information Society (GIS) Student Organization

      Funding Chair-UO Women in Graduate Sciences

      Department of Geography
      University of Oregon
      Eugene, OR 97403