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806Real case of Social Enterprises in Tourism Industry ?

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  • Yongseok Shin
    Jul 22, 2009

      Dear Friends:

      Aplogies for cross-posting.

      A month ago, I posted inquiry about social enterprise in tourism Industry.
      Today, I have a different question.  Thorugh web search, I found a couple of cases about
      travel company as social enterprise.  They are in UK and Singapore. (Please refer to the links below)


       http://www.travelmattersuk.com/ - Travel Matters in UK

       http://www.heart-travel.com/aboutus.html  - Heart Travel in Singapore

      I wonder if any of you know another real case of social enterprise in tourism indsutry like the ones in links.
      Thank you.


       - Yongseok

      - Previous post in June.

      Greetings from Korea. (and APOLOGIES FOR CROSS-POSTING)

      Dear Colleagues,

      At Korea Culture Tourism Institute which is an affiliated research institute
      with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism,
      I am beginning a new research project on the social enterprise in tourism
      industry.  As some of you may be aware, social enterprise has been introduced
      as a means for social service and job generation in goverment policy field.
      As such, MCST has been interested government's role in nuturing
      this relatively new field in Korea, specially in tourism industry.

      As a starting point, I am searching related materials such as policy
      report and papers about this topic, but it has not been very successful
      I wonder whether colleagues out there around the globe are aware of any
      examples, case-studies, reports etc. on social enterprise in tourism industry.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks, in advance, for any assitance you may be able to offer.

          Yongseok Shin


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