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797PhD Conference 1-2 July 2009 University of Nottingham - Call for Posters please

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  • Deborah Timmermans
    May 28, 2009
    PhD Conference 1-2 July 2009 University of Nottingham - Call for Posters please

    *****with our apologies for duplication and cross posting*****

    !!!!!!Urgent note with regard to the above conference!!!!!

    PhD Networking Conference

    Exploring Tourism III: Issues in PhD Research

    Christel DeHaan Travel & Tourism Research Institute

    University of Nottingham Business School

    Wednesday 1st-Thursday 2nd July 2009

    To ensure this conference is even more inclusive we would like to invite students to present at a poster session.  This poster session will provide an excellent opportunity for conference delegates to present their research/abstract in an alternative format.  We encourage students to attend and make a presentation.

    Conference delegates will be able to review the poster presentations during the networking breaks on both days.  Presenters should make themselves available during the breaks so that other delegates can ask questions and make comments.

    Poster Requirements for PhD Networking Conference 1-2 July 2009

    Presenters must provide their own display materials and are encouraged to provide handouts (to be placed along with the poster) for participants if appropriate. A poster board will be provided, as well as appropriate supplies to attach the poster materials onto the board.

    On the board, the presenter will attach the following pieces of information:

    1.      Presentation title

    2.      Presenters’ name, title, place of study

    3.      Description of the project/research work

    4.      Photos, tables, illustrations, etc. that communicate the results of the project/research

    All the text on the posters should be readable from a reasonable distance (1-1.5m) and the font sizes should be larger than 40 pt.  Presenters are encouraged to make their posters visually appealing but they should be simple enough so that the content of the presentation will be given appropriate focus. Where possible, data to be presented through visual representations (i.e. figures, graphs, photos, and illustrations).

    Please review the following recommendations when preparing your poster:

    ·       Minimize long text passages and excessive explanations

    ·       Use simple, jargon-free statements

    ·       Use relevant pictures, tables, graphs and figures that illustrate your points

    ·       Use colours effectively as an organising tool or to highlight specific parts

    ·       Do not overflow your poster with colours

    ·       Make sure to use the font type(s) and size(s) that are easy to read

    ·       Do not overwhelm the viewer with excessive amounts of information; rather, construct a poster display that enhances conversation

    ·       If additional information (references, websites, background information, etc.) is available, make a handout

    ·       Posters should look as professional as your professional research


    Poster presentation applications currently open until 19 June 2009.

    Any queries please do not hesitate to contact: deborah.timmermans@...


    To download the up to date and full Call for Papers and Registration form please visit the following links:



    <<PhD Networking Conference Registration form 2009_26-3-09.doc>>  

    Deborah Timmermans
    Centre Administrator (Thurs, Fri)
    Christel DeHaan Tourism
    and Travel Research Institute
    University of Nottingham Business School
    Jubilee Campus
    Wollaton Road
    Nottingham, NG8 1BB
    United Kingdom


    Tel: +44 (0)115 82 32378
    Fax:+44 (0)115 84 66612

    PhD Networking Conference, 1st-2nd July 2009 - details on events page at http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/ttri

    Dickens and Tourism Conference, 11th -14th September 2009 - details on events page at http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/ttri

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