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  • Alan A. Lew
    May 12, 2009
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      From: James DeFilippis <jdefilip@...>
      Date: Tue, May 12, 2009 at 5:03 AM
      Subject: [Fwd: Call for Papers for October Symposium]

      Global Games and Local Legacies:  Understanding Olympics Outcomes in Host Cities

      The Urban Studies Program at Simon Fraser University (http://www.sfu.ca/urban)  invites scholars and practitioners from all fields to submit paper proposals for a symposium entitled “Global Games and Local Legacies: Understanding Olympics Outcomes in Host Cities,” to be held in Vancouver, Canada, from October 22-24, 2009. The symposium will involve organized panels, moderated discussion, and an open forum for ideas about urban Olympics outcomes research. The panels will be held at the Vancouver and Surrey campuses of SFU, and the symposium will also include organized field visits through sites that merit special attention and monitoring for their post-Olympic legacy on Metro Vancouver’s urban fabric. Presentations of both completed scholarship and research at the more exploratory stage are welcome, as is graduate student work. The symposium will be followed by a selective, peer-reviewed publication of the proceedings.

      An interdisciplinary team of faculty and graduate student researchers based at SFU Urban Studies has been investigating the potential urban outcomes of the Winter 2010 Olympic Games for the Vancouver region. We are taking a comparative approach based on observed outcomes in two prior Winter Olympic host cities, Salt Lake City and Calgary, using a mixture of quantitative indicators of impacts and qualitative impressions from researchers based in these other host cities. Beginning from the premise of this research --that the Olympics provide an exceptional opportunity to examine some of the most urgent issues facing cities today -- this symposium will bring together scholars and practitioners to place the Vancouver Olympics story within a global context to understand better the real costs and benefits of the Games for host cities. We invite proposals from all fields that explore the urban impacts of the Olympics, past, present, and future.  Themes might include, but are not limited, to the following: 

      1. Public indebtedness 2. Polarization (income, poverty, etc.) 3. Political impacts 4. Public facilities and amenities  5. Sprawl, transportation, and land use  6. Social cohesion 7. Creativity/cultural impact 8. Local economy 9. Social policy

      Submitting Your Proposal for the Symposium Deadline: July 15, 2009

      Please send a proposal with a title, 3-5 keywords, and an abstract of 250 words or fewer, including your full name, position, and contact information by July 15, 2009 to legacies@.... Please indicate on your proposal whether you wish to apply for one of the limited travel grants available for presenters who produce a complete paper. Your submission will be reviewed by SFU faculty and you will be contacted by August 15.

      James DeFilippis
      Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy
      Rutgers University
      33 Livingston Avenue
      New Brunswick, NJ 08901
      732-932-3822 ext: 734