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779Fwd: New List: crit-lac-geog

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  • Alan A. Lew
    Apr 8, 2009
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      From: Marion Traub-Werner <trau0045@...>
      Date: Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 6:08 PM
      Subject: New List: crit-lac-geog
      To: LEFTGEOG@...

      At AAGs in Las Vegas, a group of students and faculty had a very generative early morning session on critical geography in/of Latin America and the Caribbean. As a way to sustain that conversation and include more people, we have started a listserve and welcome all those who are interested to join. The purpose of the list is to share resources and ideas about critical geography in Latin America and the Caribbean and to circulate ideas and information from Latin America and the Caribbean on the many existing practices of critical geography in the region. Information in all languages of the region is welcome.  
      To subscribe, send a message to listserv@... . In the body of the message, write: sub crit-lac-geog . Do not put anything in the subject heading.
      Please forward this invitation to others who may be interested.
      Marion Traub-Werner
      PhD Candidate, MacArthur Scholar
      Department of Geography
      University of Minnesota