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717AC@30 e-Conference is now online

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  • wroehl@temple.edu
    Oct 28, 2008
      The e-conference AC@30: Lessons Learned and Implications
      for the Future is online at sthm.temple.edu/blogs/ac30. It
      will run through October 30th. Authors will periodically
      check in to reply to comments. Please plan to visit.


      Wes Roehl

      Dr. Wesley S. Roehl
      President, HEMAR (Hospitality Educators
      of the Mid-Atlantic Region)
      Editor, Tourism Review International
      Director of Graduate Programs in Tourism & Hospitality
      School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
      Temple University
      1700 N. Broad Street
      Philadelphia, PA 19122-0840
      215-204-5861 (voice)
      215-204-8705 (fax)