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  • Sanjay K Nepal
    Oct 2, 2007
      Dear all,

      Below is a call for papers. You are advised to contact the session
      organizer directly. Apologies for cross-postings.

      Call for papers: AAG session, April 15-19 2008: The Aesthetics of
      Tourist/Travel Landscapes and Self-realization

      Session Description
      Tourism is still much dependent on the gaze (as one corporeal
      manifestation of the embodied tourist) which sweeps the backdrop of the
      sites visited. Even more embodied tourist experiences (adventure and
      sports tourism, for ex.) occur in specific landscapes (that respond to
      visitors’ criteria of aesthetics). Some landscapes are totally
      physically constructed (Center Parcs in Europe offer white sand beaches
      and coconut trees; the city of Paris threw sand on some of the quays
      along the Seine) or are aestheticised to attract consumers (including
      This session seeks to problematize the relationship between landscapes,
      their aestheticisation and the desires of the tourists who visit them
      remembering that landscapes are the product of praxis which is rooted in
      power and ideology.

      For more information or to submit an abstract, please contact:
      Anne-Marie d’Hauteserre, adhautes@...

      Sanjay K. Nepal, PhD
      Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences
      Texas A&M University
      College Station, TX-77845-2261
      Tel: 979 862 4080 Fax: 979 845 0446

      eReview of Tourism Research

      Recreation, Tourism and Sports Specialty Group,
      The Association of American Geographers (AAG)