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568Fwd: CFP: Golf paper session at AAG Boston

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  • Alan A. Lew
    Aug 30, 2007
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      Session organiser:
      Chris Perkins
      Geography, School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester

      A huge amount of scientific research explores the psychology of play, the design
      of equipment, the planning of golfing assets or tournaments, and golf course
      architecture, but the game is remarkably little studied by the critical social
      sciences. Golf is painted by many as the archetypal elite western sport,
      stereotypically played by rich white businessmen, on exclusive and artificial
      courses. These stereotypes are often taken for granted, rather than being
      interrogated and placed. In fact there is a huge variation in golfing practices
      and the cultural politics of clubs, courses and golfing identities remains

      This session offers the opportunity for turning a critical eye on the game, for
      exploring different golfing contexts, assessing the changing significance of
      the many different golfing geographies and weighing golf up against other
      leisure pursuits and interpretive lenses. We invite theoretically informed
      analyses exploring the cultural meanings and political economy of the game and
      its places.

      *Theoretical approaches to the game. Different philosophical positions taken
      towards the place(s) and regulation of golf.

      *The spaces of golf: landscapes and the political economy of style and golfing
      taste. Natural and cultural links.

      *Historical geographies of golfing change.

      *Golf clubs and tournaments. The social, political and cultural context of
      institutions through which golf is played.

      * Scalar approaches to the sport: globalizing tendencies and local action. Cross
      cultural contexts.

      *Representations of the sport in film, the web, and other media.

      *Power at play: gender, class, wealth, race and sexualities. Opposition to golf:
      anti-golf movements, subversion within the game.

      *Performative studies of golf: affect and golfing (e)motion.

      *Contested and negotiated geographies of golfing identities.

      Proposed papers in the form of a title and short abstract (250 words
      maximum) should be submitted to Chris Perkins (c.perkins@...) by
      30th September 2007.  Further details on the paper requirements and
      registration for the AAG meeting are at

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