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557RTS Session proposals for AAG '08

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  • Sanjay K Nepal
    Apr 27, 2007
      Dear RTS members,

      In preparation for next year's annual meeting of the AAG, to be held in Boston, all specialty groups have been asked to compile a list of proposed sessions. I understand this will be featured in the AAG newsletter.

      During our business meeting at the AAG-SF, the outgoing RTS Chair (Bob Pfister) compiled a list of proposed sessions for next year. I am attaching that list here. Please consider organizing a session (paper, illustrated paper/poster, panel), and email me your tentative session title.

      More than 140 papers consisting of a "tourism" keyword were presented at the AAG-SF. It might be a good idea to encourage non-RTS AAG members to present their paper at one of the RTS sponsored sessions. I would greatly appreciate your suggestions as to how we could do this (i.e., reach out to them) more effectively.

      Best wishes

      Sanjay K. Nepal, PhD
      Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences
      Texas A&M University
      College Station, TX-77845-2261
      Tel: 979 862 4080 Fax: 979 845 0446