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1326Call for Contributions: World Socia l Tourism Congress - Tourism Based o n Development: Unity in Diversity (S ão Paulo/Brazil, October 7–10, 2014)

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  • Marcelo Vilela de Almeida
    May 22, 2014
    * Apologies for cross-posting *

    Dear all,
    Attached please find a call for contributions (in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese) for the Second Meeting of the Alliance on Training and Research in Social and Solidarity Tourism (International Social Tourism Organization - ISTO), as part of the World Social Tourism Congress related activities.
    Speakers are invited to submit critical contributions addressing the situation or the experiences of travelers in their countries or those related to the host communities, from the perspective of one of the items listed below, or, alternatively, to present research or a comparative analysis of one of these topics:
    - The right to tourism: different concepts, perspectives, evolution and systems, public policies or programs and initiatives that allow ALL people to have access to vacations;
    - Tourism and integration of local communities: their inclusion and involvement in tourism and tourism development;
    - The impact and benefits of tourism on communities;
    - Tourism as a tool for social inclusion;
    - Social and solidarity economy and tourism;
    - Tourism and ethics;
    - Tourism and the role of women;
    - Tourism and North-South and South-South dialogs;
    - Innovations and trends in the travel industry with respect to inclusion in tourism processes and development.
    Abstracts with a maximum of 500 words (in Portuguese, French, Spanish or English) must be sent by June 30 through the Congress Registration form available on the event website: www.sescsp.org.br/congressoturismo
    If you have questions about the meeting, please contact Anya Deikmann (Brussels Free University) and Marcelo Vilela de Almeida (University of São Paulo): alliance@...

    Dr. Marcelo Vilela de Almeida
    University of São Paulo