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1245ATLAS annual conference Malta - 2 special tracks

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  • Leontine Onderwater
    Jul 22, 2013
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      ATLAS annual conference 2013
      Environments of Exchange: Leisure and Tourism

      November 6 - 8, 2013, Malta

      2 Special tracks


      The deadline for submitting abstracts for this conference has been extended to September 1st 2013


      During the ATLAS annual conference in Malta two special tracks are organised on:

      ·         Monitoring and Evaluating Cultural Events

      ·         Tourism and landscape: A joint ATLAS-ECLAS session


      To  give you the opportunity to submit abstracts to these two tracks, the deadline for submitting abstracts has been extended to September 1st 2013.


      You can read all about the conference and the special tracks at:






      Leontine Onderwater

      Jantien Veldman



      Travit - POBox 109

      6800 AC Arnhem

      The Netherlands


      Tel: +31-26-4452699

      Fax: +31-26-4452932


      ATLAS online bookshop at





      ATLAS doctoral colloquium

      Studying and managing encounters in tourism


      November 5, 2013



      ATLAS annual conference

      Environments of exchange: Leisure and tourism


      November 6-8, 2013



      ATLAS Business Tourism Special Interest Group meeting

      Business Tourism: Industry and Education Working Together

      Dublin, Ireland

      24-26 November, 2013


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