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1231FW: Research position at the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre - application to be sent 1st June

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  • Bristow, Robert
    May 7, 2013
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      Subject: Research position at the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre - application to be sent 1st June


      Research position at the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre


      Applications are invited for a research position at the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre (ITRC). The successful applicant is expected to research tourism’s economic role in Iceland, focusing on business statistics, tourism national accounting procedures, tourism consumption and consumer behaviour and the regional economic impact of tourism development. 


      The appointment is expected to commence 1st July or subject to agreement and will run for two years, with the possibility of a permanent contract thereafter. The first six months are considered a mutual trial period. 

      The successful applicant is expected to have expert knowledge in one or more of the following fields of study: Tourism, economics, econometrics, statistics and/or accounting. Furthermore experience and knowledge of the tourist industry in Northern/arctic regions is beneficial.

      The Board of the ITRC governs the procedure for judging applicants' merits. Applicants should submit a CV with their applications accounting their scientific experience, including publications and research, as well as documents certifying to their education and previous employment. The applicant should indicate clearly his/her present research interests and future research plans should he/she be appointed to the post in a 500 words synopsis. Moreover a recommendation from two to three academic peers may be included stating the applicants qualifications for the post.

      Salaries are based on the pay agreement between the Union of University Employees and the ITRC. 

      The deadline for applications is 1st June 2013. Each application is considered valid for six months following submission. Applications should be sent to the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre, Borgum v/Nordurslod, 600 Akureyri, Iceland (IS) or submitted electronically to edward@....

      All applications will be responded to and the applicants informed about the panel’s decision once made.


      Further information can be had from the director of the ITRC Dr. Edward H. Huijbens, edward@....


      Edward H. Huijbens MA, PhD


      Rannsóknamiðstöð ferðamála

      Borgum v/ Norðurslóð

      600 Akureyri

      S: 460-8930, farsími: 847-4104


      Edward H. Huijbens MA, PhD


      Icelandic Tourism Research Centre

      Borgum v/Nordurslod

      600 Akureyri, Iceland (IS)

      Tel: +354 460-8930, mobile: +354 847-4104


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