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1230New Release: Leisure Education A Person-Centered, System-Directed, Social Policy Perspective

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  • William Anderson
    May 3, 2013
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      Good morning,

      I would like to announce the release of Rodney Dieser's new book, Leisure Education: A Person-Centered, System-Directed, Social Policy Perspective.  Please read the preface below for a short, detailed description of the book.  I also encourage you to take a few moments and review the free galley that contains the the table of contents and the front matter.  Included in this is the Prologue written by Atara Sivan and Robert S. Stebbins.  To view it, click on the cover image below and when the webpage opens, click on the cover again.  

      Desk copies are available for review for instructors who are interested in adopting the book for use in their class.  Educators receive a 50% discount for personal orders.  More information can be found through the links below and on our website.     

      Sorry for any cross-posting.

      Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

      -William Anderson

      New Release
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       Serving Educators, Practitioners, and Students for Over 40 Years
      Leisure Education
      A Person-Centered, System-Directed, Social Policy Perspective 
      One of the chief aims of Leisure Education: A Person-Centered, System-Directed, and Social Policy Perspective is to provide a book that brings different leisure education voices together and provides a broad overview of the many different theories and models of leisure education.The aim of this book is to propel the field of leisure education forward by helping readers understand the history of leisure education, including the many theories and models of leisure education; outline the progress and dynamic aspects of leisure education, such as the difference between person-centered and system-directed leisure education; and move the leisure education field forward toward social policy development so that leisure education can have a voice related to preventing and remedying social problems.
      Table of Contents
      1. Understanding Leisure Education From a Public Policy Perspective 
      2. Theories of Leisure
      3. The Positive and Negative Consequences of Leisure
      4. History and Overview of Person-Centered and System-Directed Leisure Education 
      5. Connecting Leisure Education to Social Policy Development
      6. A Short Overview Regarding Leisure Education Programming Stages and Group Facilitation and Structuring
      From the Preface...
      One of the chief aims of this book is to bring different leisure education voices together and provide a broad overview of the many different theories and models of leisure education, and of how different leisure education models, including media literacy leisure education can change people and environmental systems directed toward addressing social issues. 
      Desk Copy Policy  
      If you are an instructor, you may request a desk copy for a 45-day review period.  If you adopt the book as your course text and place an order through your bookstore, notify us and the desk copy is yours to keep. If you do not adopt the book, you may (a) return it in mint condition or (b) purchase it at a 50% discount.  Desk copies can be requested on our website by logging in as an educator and clicking the desk copy link located on the book's webpage.
      Leisure Education Cover
      Click for More Information
      Rodney B. Dieser
        University of Northern Iowa
      Atara Sivan
        Hong Kong Baptist University

      Robert A. Stebbins
         University of Calgary

      Members of the World Leisure Commission on Leisure Education
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      ISBN: 978-1-57167-714-3
      ISBN: 978-1-57167-715-0
      Product Information  
      Copyright:  2013
      Pages:  210
      Format:  Softcover
      Dimensions: 7 x 10


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