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1213Journal of Leisure Research Vol. 45 No. 2

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  • William Anderson
    Mar 7, 2013
      Good morning,

      The latest issue of JLR (Journal of Leisure Research) has been released.  Click on each article to view the free abstract.  Subscribers will have access to the full article.  
      Please note the Call for Papers and the Call for Editor; both deadlines are fast approaching.  
      Enjoy and I apologize for any cross-posting.  

      -William Anderson

      New Issue Released
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       Serving Educators, Practitioners, and Students for Over 40 years.
      Journal of Leisure Research
      The Journal of Leisure Research is the official refereed publication of the National Recreation and Park Association in cooperation with The University of Illinois and Sagamore Publishing LLC. The Journal is devoted to original investigations that contribute new knowledge and understanding to the field of leisure studies.  

      In partnership with the National Recreation and Park Association, Sagamore Publishing LLC is excited to announce the release of the
      Journal of Leisure Research Vol. 45 No. 2, 2013.

      In This Issue

      Table of Contents


      Karla A. Henderson, Heather A. Gibson
      Begum Z. Aybar Damali, Francis A. McGuire
      Lynn A. Barnett
      Jordan W. Smith, Dorothy H. Anderson, Mae A. Davenport, Jessica E. Leahy
      Susan Houge Mackenzie, Ken Hodge, Mike Boyes
      Jeffrey A. Walsh
      Book Reviews  
      Charles Sylvester
      Jeffrey A. Walsh
      Call for Editor
      Applications are now being accepted for the position of editor for the Journal of Leisure Research for a three-year term from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2016. The new editor will begin receiving manuscripts during the fall of 2013. The position is voluntary in nature but requires institutional support. A small stipend is included to help cover expenses.
      Call for Papers: Special Issue of the Journal of Leisure Research

      Intersections between Social and Environmental Justice and Leisure Research: A Call for Action

      A special issue of the Journal of Leisure Research focused on social and environmental justice will be published in July, 2014. Researchers are invited to submit manuscripts that consider issues of social and environmental justice within perspectives of recreation and leisure. The deadline for manuscript submission is June 30, 2013.
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      Kimberly J. Shinew
        University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
      Associate Editors 

      Kostas Alexandris

         University of Thessaloniki

      Denise Anderson

         Clemson University

      Bill Borrie

         University of Montana

      Michael B. Edwards

         Texas A&M University

      Myron F. Floyd

         North Carolina State University

      Troy D. Glover

         University of Waterloo

      Yoshitaka Iwasaki

         Temple University

      Kandy James

         Edith Cowan University

      Megan C. Janke

         University of South Florida Polytechnic

      Lilian M. Jonas

         Jonas Consulting

      B. Dana Kivel
         California State University, Sacramento
      Xiang (Robert) Li
         University of South Carolina
      Bryan P. McCormick
         Indiana University
      Mark Needham
         Oregon State University
      Sarah Nicholls

         Michigan State University
      Chi-Ok Oh
         Michigan State University
      Karen Paisley
         University of Utah
      Diana Parry
         University of Waterloo
      Jennifer Piatt
         Indiana University
      Randall S. Rosenberger
         Oregon State University
      David Scott
         Texas A&M University
      C. Scott Shafer
         Texas A&M University
      Erin Sharpe
         Brock University
      Kindal Shores
         East Carolina University
      Julie Son
         University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
      Sonja A. Wilhelm Stanis
         University of Missouri
      William P. Stewart
         University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
      Monika Stodolska
         University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
      Dawn E. Trussell
         Brock University
      Christine A. Vogt
         Michigan University
      Gordon J. Walker
         University of Alberta
      Dave D. White
         Arizona State University
      Mary Sara Wells
         University of Utah
      Ramon B. Zabriskie
         Brigham Young University
      The Journal of Leisure Research is managed by Sagamore Publishing and published five times a year.  Subscribers receive a printed journal and full online access to archives. 

      William Anderson
      Director of Sales and Marketing

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