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  • Carl, Daniela
    Mar 4, 2013

      ***Apologies for cross-posting***


      Dear list members,

      Just a reminder that there is still time to submit your abstract for the following forthcoming conference:



      Taking responsibility for the visitor economy:

      Events, tourism, hospitality, sport, leisure and the local community


      09-12 January 2014, Leeds, United Kingdom

      Since the banking crisis in 2008 there has been much talk of responsibility and responsible capitalism amongst politicians, business leaders and academics. Although the concept has been more extensively used in the last 5 years than in the previous ten years it has not been subject to any concerted effort to understand the meaning of responsibility in the visitor economy.

      The conference will be practice-led, focusing on the work of industry leaders. It aims to deepen and extend the dialogue between business and academia about the nature of responsibility and how it informs leadership and relations with the social, physical and global environments. A key theme will be how business and academia can work together to create a culture of responsibility that supports enterprise, exploring ways of integrating respons-ability more effectively into decision making and the development of employability skills.

      The International Centre for Research in Events, Tourism and Hospitality (ICRETH) is a research, development and consultancy centre. Through our interdisciplinary team based in Leeds, UK and a global network of partners, we push forward cutting edge analytical research on events, tourism and hospitality. For more information please visit www.leedsmet.ac.uk/icreth.

      The Academic Committee, chaired by Professor Harold Goodwin, would like to receive papers from colleagues working in any discipline which address the challenge of responsibility in the visitor economy. The topics and themes listed below are indicative rather than exhaustive. We anticipate publication in a number of formats includes academic journals, books and proceedings.

      This conference is of interest to academics applying ethics and responsibility to:

      ·         Leadership and strategic management

      ·         Operations and supply chain management

      ·         Marketing and consumer behaviour

      ·         Human Resources and volunteering

      ·         Banking and finance

      ·         Stakeholder management

      ·         Health, safety and welfare

      ·         Education, training and the curriculum

      ·         Sustainability


      Indicative themes and questions of interest to the Conference include:


      Behaviour. How do we enjoy ourselves while respecting others?

      Power. Who takes decisions and who pays the price? Dealing with unintended consequences.

      Responsibility. How do we know it when we see it?

      The tragedy of the commons. How do we avoid everybody’s responsibility being nobody’s?

      Change management and leadership. How and why do organisations change their behaviour?

      Trust and accountability. How and when do you communicate your responsibility efforts?

      Environment. How do we reduce the consumption and pollution of natural resources?

      Respecting cultures. How do we foster respect through engagement and challenge?

      Economy. How do we build sustainable communities?

      Education and employability. What is the responsibility of academia to train ethical managers and staff?


      Please submit a 300 word abstract including title and full contact details as an electronic file to icreth@.... You may submit your abstract as soon as possible but no later than 22nd April 2013.


      For further details on the conference please visit the conference’s page at

      http://responsibilityconference.wordpress.com or email us at icreth@...


      Best wishes






      Daniela Carl

      Research Officer and Part-time Lecturer

      International Centre for Research in Events, Tourism and Hospitality (ICRETH)

      School of Events, Tourism and Hospitality

      Carnegie Faculty, Leeds Metropolitan University

      Brontë 206, Headingley Campus

      Leeds LS6 3QW

      United Kingdom


      Phone +44 (0)113- 812 8541



      Join us on: Description: cid:image001.png@...9FAFB0 @ICRETH     Description: cid:image002.png@...9FAFB0  International Centre for Research in Events, Tourism and Hospitality (ICRETH)


      Forthcoming international conferences:


      Protests as Events / Events as Protests : A one day symposium for academics and activists, 12 June 2013, Leeds, UK


      Taking responsibility for the visitor economy: Events, tourism, hospitality, sport, leisure and the local community, 09-12 January 2014, Leeds, UK


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