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1201Re: [rtsnet] RE: Che Guevara Tourism?

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  • D'Arcy Dornan
    Jan 30, 2013
      Hello Dimitri,

      My response is not an answer to your question but another possible avenue to find yet more helpful responses/insights.

      Several of our MBA/Master's students have posed such research related discussions and received helpful responses from members of the Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA) LinkedIn group. Of course, something similar could be done on Trinet as you have done here but I find the LinkedIn group discussions to be very useful as well. An idea...


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      On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 7:36 PM, Hartmann, Rudi <rudi.hartmann@...> wrote:



      At the occasion of the 2009 Las Vegas AAG Meeting Geoffrey Wall (co-author Ning Zhao) gave a power point presentation on “Understanding Red Tourism”. Probably, they published this paper as well.



      P.S. I have a copy of the power point – in case you can’t reach Geoff.


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      You might have him look at the literature on ‘red tourism’ in China and communist tourism in Eastern Europe. This might be a good starting point for conceptualizing the situation.





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      Subject: [rtsnet] Che Guevara Tourism?



      Dear all,


      I have a  quick request. A student of mine at Mid-Sweden University wants to do his Masters' thesis on something related to Che Guevara tourism. Have you come across any research, not necessarily on this exact topic but maybe tourism related to "heros" and the places they have lived and fought? Is there somewhere I can steer him to? It sounds like a fascinating topic but I am not sure what body of literatur is out there.


      Any help you can offer on this would be most welcome.


      Thanks very much


      Dimitri Ioannides

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