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1173ATLAS Independent Travel Research Group Meeting

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  • Leontine Onderwater
    Nov 12, 2012
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      Apologies for cross posting!

      Please be reminded about this meeting, and that the deadline for submitting abstracts is within 3 days:

      Independent Travel Research Group Meeting

      Beirut, Lebanon
      19th - 21st January 2013




      Independent Travel and Hospitality
      An expert conference

      The deadline for submitting abstracts has been extended towards November 15th, 2012


      Following the third expert meeting in Shimla , India in 2008 and the fourth meeting in Hermanus , South Africa , the Independent Travel Research Group (formerly the Backpacker Research Group) of ATLAS are pleased to announce a call for papers for the fifth meeting in Beirut , Lebanon in association with the Lebanese International University . The overall conference aim is to examine and review research into the relationships between independent travel and hospitality.

      The theme draws upon new work in Critical Hospitality Studies that has argued that ‘Hospitality is Society’ ( Bell , 2012). Moreover, the location for the conference, Lebanon , has been widely known for its hospitality and as a significant independent travel destination. The conference will involve an excursion to visit Baalbek .

      According to the ATLAS Independent Travel Research Group programme, potential themes to be addressed include:

      • Independent Travel and Critical Hospitality Theory
      • Independent Travel and Transnational Spaces of Meeting
      • Borders and the regulation of Travel and Hospitality
      • Ethics in the relations of Hospitality and Travel
      • Work Relationships in Independent Travel and Hospitality
      • Issues of gender, race, ethnicity and class in Independent Travel and Hospitality
      • Engagement with new and old technologies in Independent Travel and Hospitality
      • Policy and planning dilemmas for managing Independent Travel and Hospitality
      • Alternative methodologies in Independent Travel and Hospitality Research

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