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1143CFP - AAG Los Angeles - Traveling for a Cause: Alternative Tourism, Consumption and Transnational Social Movements

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  • Alan A. Lew
    Sep 3, 2012
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      From: "Mary Mostafanezhad" <mary.mostafanezhad@...>
      Sent: Sunday, September 2, 2012 5:18:55 PM

      Call For Abstracts - AAG Los Angeles - 9-13 April, 2013

      Traveling for a Cause: Alternative Tourism, Consumption and Transnational Social Movements

      This panel critically explores the intersection of alternative tourism, consumption and transnational social movements. Consumer movements such as fair trade, organic agriculture and food sovereignty are illustrative of the broader expansion of the new moral economies. These movements are increasingly represented within tourism where pro-poor, agricultural tourism and responsible tourism agendas are now commonplace. As a unique commodity within this expansion, tourism facilitates the opportunity to bring together the producers (host community members and tourism practitioners) and consumers (tourists).  This panel builds on recent research that highlights the potential role of tourism to contribute to consciousness-raising among its participants and to be a platform from which local communities can recruit support for social movement participation. 

      We seek papers that theoretically and empirically examine this dynamic interplay between alternative tourism and the broader expansion of the new moral economies as well as the potential role of alternative tourism experiences to facilitate both new knowledge production and new challenges to realizing broader social justice agendas. Key topics for this panel may include the intersection of lifestyle and social movements (e.g. WWOOFing), social movement discourses in tourism (e.g. fair trade tourism), power relations within tourism encounters, host community based social movements, the commodification of social movement agendas in tourism (e.g. slum tours) and the expansion of the logics of neoliberalism through alternative tourism consumption (e.g. volunteer tourism).

      If you are interested in joining this panel, please contact Mary Mostafanezhad <mary.mostafanezhad@...>, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

      Please note that your AAG registration PIN must be submitted to the paper session organizer by 17 October 2012.

      For a full list of sessions sponsored by the AAG Recreation, Tourism and Sport Specialty Group, please visit: http://www.geog.nau.edu/rts/sessions/2013.html