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1108Re: [rtsnet] Auto Camping in North America

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    Apr 6, 2012
      Try . . .
      1.  NAICS codes for both camper manufacturing and campgrounds--these should be common to both the US and CAN.  US data is available from the 07 Economic Census and (i think) the 09 County Business Patterns.  If you can live with a high level of geographic aggregation (state level data) the data should be pretty complete.
      2.  Figure out the relevant industry trade groups at both the manufacturing and campground level--their web sites should have national level data somewhere.
      3.  If you need data disaggregated at a lower level (county or place) try buying a North American directory--Woodall's or Rand McNally for example (or look for directory oriented web sites . .  . a quick Google search took me to Woodall's web site which looks like it has a look-up feature).
      Hope that helps.
      wes roehl

      On Fri, Apr 6, 2012 at 3:02 AM, Yongseok Shin <freestrong@...> wrote:

      Dear Friends:

      I am looking for data about Auto Camping in USA and Canada urgently.

      The data I need is basic figures of auto camping

      such as number of campers, camping sites and related data such as economic effects, the size of industry. 

      In short, not academic, but practical data.


      I am wondering if anything comes to mind as a good contact or resource?

      Thank you in advance.



          - Yongseok


      School of Tourism & Hospitality Management
      Temple University
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